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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hey girl, don't make Darth Vader sad.

Feeling so unmotivated. I haven't fallen off the wagon but I'm so tempted to. If I had a meeting I could go to I would (the downside of not doing WW).

It's just that the thrill of starting something new has worn off and now it's the humdrum daily grind.

The scale not moving down (but moving up a pound for no good reason) does not help the attitude.

I want to eat all the things.

August is just bleh.

I'm mad that I can't fit into clothes I thought I would fit into by now (even though I should know better).

I'm getting sick of having salads for lunch.

My throat hurts.

I could complain for longer but I'll spare you...

So there's only two things to be done: 1) give up or 2) change things up.

First the easier part: I'll spend some time looking at food again and will make some changes to my daily diet - my body probably needs this anyway. New lunches, new snacks, new breakfast and dinner ideas.

I'll tackle the other stuff next - I can't even get motivated to make a 3 step plan. So one step at a time...

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