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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's noticeable

A thirty pound loss on my frame is apparently what it takes before people begin to notice - or at least comment on the change. It doesn't bother me because I know it's a fact. I'm tall enough that I can hide the weight. There's not a lot of physical differences between me at 220 and me at 235 for instance. Yeah, clothes are tighter at the higher weight but you really have to pay attention to see a difference. This of course changes as I get lighter - there's more of a difference between, say, 175 and 190.

But this is also what gets me into trouble because I have a disconnect between what I see in the mirror versus how I actually look. I always am surprised to see a photo of myself when I'm heavier because it doesn't match up to what I see in the mirror. So I let myself go along for longer than what's good for me because I don't see the weight (and I avoid pictures).

Anyway, people are noticing and that's always gratifying.

I continue to see some differences in specific areas. My arms have the beginning of definition. Which I love! I miss my former, more toned, arms. But they're starting to come back so that's good. I made it through most of my Ultimate Sculpt video yesterday with 10 lb weights. I still have to use lower weights for tricep exercises. I could probably do more than the 5 lb weights I have but am not quite ready for 10. I need to get some 7 or 8 lb hand weights for at home.

I checked my measurements again and there's further inches lost and body fat is down another 1%. I'm slowly progressing towards being more of an "average" overweight person. :) Seven pounds left to leave the obese category altogether.

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