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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lost and Found

Lost: another pound.

.6 left for 30 pounds total

Found: The strap to my hand-held water bottle!! (Featured in this post from last year.) Sadly, I'm more excited about this than the lost pound.

We moved into our house back in December and I could not find this strap to save my life. Then last night, as I was looking for something else in the kids' bathroom, I found it in a basket under a sink. I've just been holding the water bottle without the strap but am so excited to get this thing back.

The case of "Where's all my exercise crap?!"
I also found my old swim cap and goggles in a box up in the attic as I was looking for the kids' microscope this past weekend. I used them on my swim this past weekend and the goggles work much better than the pair I just bought a couple weeks ago. However, they leave quite a nice indentation ring around my eyes after the swim. It was pretty funny - I almost took a picture of myself but then decided against it.

I did end up running yesterday (as per the schedule) but it was inside. I could have actually ran outside as the temps were decent and the rain had stopped but since I didn't have my visor or the hand-held bottle with me I decided just to go back inside. I ran the first 15 minutes with no walking intervals and then did 4 min run/1 min walk for the remainder of the time. I got to the 5k mark around 35:30 - splits were 11:22, 11:30, 11:39. So I think I will stick with this plan for Saturday. I'll do one more run on Wednesday - hopefully outside but we'll see.

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