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Saturday, August 15, 2015

So about that 5k....

Got my outside run in this morning. It wasn't too miserable out there. Warm and humid but not horrific. It was really hard for me to get out because I was dealing with a bad sinus headache when I woke up. Then the ibuprofen I took made my stomach a bit queasy. Once I started running my legs felt heavy and useless.

I was more concerned with getting mileage in rather than speed. I tried to do W9D1 of C210K (that's 4 reps of 10 min runs with 1 min walks). I did the first rep and felt awful so I paused the app and took a couple of extra minutes as walking. I got 8 minutes into the second rep and decided - nope, not going to finish this one. So then I did some "run a couple minutes, walk a few minutes" until I got to 2.5 miles (my halfway point). I still needed something to prompt me into running intervals so I started W2D1 (90 second runs, 2 min walks) to get myself back. This got me to a little past 4 miles. I was just going to walk the last mile back to the car but Britney's "Work B*" came on my playlist so I made myself run for that song.

The running portion was just super difficult. I know the heat and humidity play a major role in effort. I felt like everyone else out there was not struggling at all (probably not true but I didn't see them grimace as much).

It all made me a bit worried for the race next week. So here are my running plans for this last week before the 5k on the 22nd:

  • Monday: 3 miles outside - doing 3 min runs and 2 min walks
  • Wednesday: 3 miles outside - doing 4 min runs and 1 min walks

I'll see which interval I prefer. For the race, if the effort feels as hard as today's run did, my plan will be to run the first mile and then do one of those intervals for the remainder of the race. I think I'll stick around 12 m/m if that's the plan. I'll try to mentally just make it a fun race and to do my best but to not feel frustrated at how difficult it might feel.

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