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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Burrito and the Shred

I'm not starving. And apparently I'm carb loading for my 5k - because you know a 5k requires a lot of carb loading...

Wednesday was "you know you're burning 1,000 calories today so you can go ahead and eat that" kind of day.

Thursday we (work people) went out to lunch. I had pre-planned accordingly based on a menu with no nutrition values listed. I was going to get what I get at a similar kind of restaurant. Except the "small" burrito was not so small. Sure I could have eaten half of it to compensate but it was really good: carnitas, black beans, lettuce, and pico. No cheeses or sour cream/guac. But it was big. My calories for yesterday may have even been more than that since I was just estimating how much meat and beans were in the burro. My plan, then, was to just eat a nice salad for dinner.

Until I got Dominoes for dinner for the kids. Hmmm, I'll take a slice. But still only one slice - not 3, 4, or more.

And there may have been a cookie, some milk, and some starbursts... Maybe. But this is all accounted for in the calories listed above.

I didn't have access to the gym yesterday (it closed for staff training) so I took a walk around the neighborhood. I also was going to do strength training with one of my videos. I ended up picking out the Shred workout with Jillian and "just seeing" what level 3 was like. I've had this DVD for YEARS and I don't think I've ever worked my way up. I finished it but everything was modified.

I didn't even attempt this move: Rock Star Jump - for several reasons which included the noise involved with jumping on the floor of the second story of my house, not wearing the right kind of sports bra (whap!), and my bladder would have exploded. I did high knees instead - Jillian can get over it. But basically as I was going through the rounds I thought - "and THIS is why I don't want a personal trainer again."

So far today I've done ok except for having a piece of cake that wasn't totally necessary. But hey, I'm carb loading right?

No further weight loss this week since Tuesday's loss - this isn't a surprise anymore. It may just be 1 pound at a time at this point... But thankfully, no gains either.

Race post tomorrow!

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