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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The undead are chasing you

I know the Zombies Run! app has been out for a long time and there are countless reviews out there but I just tried it out for myself for the first time.

I'm not into Zombie culture at all so even though I had heard about this app it wasn't on my radar to try. But as part of my search for things to help motivate me, I figured it would be fun to at least check it out.

I used it for my 3 mile run Monday. Since I was on the indoor track I put the settings on "constant pace" at 12 m/m (I ended up going faster than that but I figured the 12 m/m was a safe estimate). I laughed when the dialogue said that "as long as you went faster than a slow shuffle you'll be fine". I guess it depends on who defines "slow shuffle".

Everyday I'm shuffling.
Since I got 35 minutes of run time in I got all the way through Mission One. I wouldn't say that it motivated me to run faster but it was a nice distraction. I did wonder how on earth a person could hold all of those materials while running - but you know it's not real so I didn't spend too much time wondering.

I already hate Dr. Lady What's Her Name. I hope she gets eaten pretty soon.

So I'll use it as a way to help pass the time as my runs get longer. I'll try out the GPS settings as soon as I can get outside. And eventually I'll enable the chase mode to see if that helps me pick up the pace on shorter runs.

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