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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Two Month Fitiversary

I do Picard. Deal with it.

So it's been 61 days since I started tracking food and dieting again. Although there have been several frustrating days, overall it has been a smashing success. Since we can't just wake up and find ourselves at our desired weight and fitness level I'll take what I can get.

My overall goal is a 72 pound loss - enough to put me in the "normal" range on the BMI scale (165 lbs). I'm not at mid-point yet (still another 8 pounds to go) but I've definitely seen improvement. It's just that sometimes it feels like there's so much more to go.

But let's review shall we. I don't really have any pictures of me at my highest weight but it really won't have been too different than these next couple of pictures.

June 22nd - 228 pounds
This picture was already 2 weeks into my adventure and I had lost about 9 pounds at that point.  The angle isn't really good as I was using my computer but I had forgotten that I took this.

These two were taken on June 27th at 225 lbs (12 lbs lost). Pardon the drawer in the background - I was cleaning/organizing.

At two months in I've now lost 28.4 pounds. As you know last week was a low weight loss week and while things have improved this week it still wasn't moving fast. When I woke up this morning and weighed myself I just kept whispering - "just show me 209, show me 209". Which would mean I had finished mini-goal #2. When the scale showed 208.6 I said, "ok I'll take that instead!" I'm now back to where I left off last summer and it's the lowest I've been since early 2012.

I took a couple of awkward pics this morning in my weird, these are the only clean workout clothes I have left, outfit.

I should have used the same shirt but it was dirty. But the inches lost are pretty great.
  • Waist: 3.5 inches lost
  • Hips: 2.5
  • Chest: 2
  • Thighs: 1
  • Biceps: 1.5

Clothing wise I'm still mostly in size 14's. There are a couple of my older size 12's that I can get into but many of them are still too tight.

The next mini-goal is getting down to 199 - or 11 lbs. So I'm already 1.4 lbs into that goal. At 199 my BMI goes from obese to overweight and it's just mentally nice to be in one-derland again. My hope is to be there by the end of this month but really, I'll just get there when I can.

I know which body areas I'll always be unhappy with - my mid section bulge is annoying, my hips and thighs will always be too big, I'll probably always have bat wings. So while I celebrate the weight loss and the inches trimmed I also try to keep my mental attitude in check. That this isn't about looking a certain way but about acting in a healthy way. The reality is that I will ALWAYS struggle with my weight. Even if I get to 165 it will be hard work to stay there especially as I start approaching my 40's. So I just continue to try and find the balance.

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