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Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 10 Results and Week 11 Schedule

I don't do cross fit but my legs certainly felt this way last week.
  • Monday - Spin
  • Tuesday - one mile run, one mile circuit 
  • Wednesday - spin and zumba
  • Thursday - abs and tone and 15 min on treadmill
  • Friday - nothing! (my first nothing day since July 6th - I put house cleaning calories on my tracker but really that's nothing)
  • Saturday - 5 miles/intervals, ultimate sculpt video
  • Sunday - at home strength training, elliptical, and swim
Estimated Calories Burned: 4273

Not so hot this week. Calories weren't the problem as much as content. Made quite a few poor nutritional choices at the end of the day because I was bored/frustrated. I did change things up a bit in my daily fare as I'm more than tired of my daily lunch salad. While calories weren't a problem it was my highest calorie week so far. The reason they aren't a problem is because I've been under-eating and I think it's finally caught up to me on the metabolism front. But as mentioned in earlier posts, adding on calories isn't just adding in junk.
Average Daily Carbs: 168
Average Daily Calories: 1456

Weight Change
Last week my low weight was on Saturday and Sunday (8/8 and 8/9) at 208.6. By Monday (8/10) it had jumped up to 209.4. There was no good reason for it to go up as I exercised and hadn't indulged in any way. I figured it was just bloat or something and didn't worry too much about it. Until the scale stuck there - all freakin' week until Friday morning when it went up to 210.4. Now that one could be partially blamed for eating extra but the extra calories shouldn't have equaled a pound.

After exercising on Saturday morning I was back down to 209.0. Also, I checked my measurements to see if there was progress on that front even if I wasn't losing pounds. Usually I only measure every two weeks but I needed some kind of motivation. Good news was that I had lost some inches (waist, hips, bust, and biceps) and body fat. I have a body fat scale but it's nowhere near accurate. Instead I use this website: http://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/body-fat-percentage-calculator. I lost 1% body fat in one week even though I hadn't lost any weight (at the point of measuring).

I tried on all of my size 12 jeans and they can all be put on, zipped, and buttoned. They're still tight but I don't wear jeans in August weather anyway so by the time it's cool enough to wear them they should be more comfortable. However, I had to put a belt on my size 14 slacks - whoop!

At weigh in on Monday morning (8/17) I was finally down (yay) but only by .2 lbs: 208.4 (sigh).

Week 11 Schedule
  • Monday - interval runs (3 min run, 2 min walk for 3 miles)
  • Tuesday - Elliptical and weights
  • Wednesday - interval runs (4 min run, 1 min walk for 3 miles) and Zumba
  • Thursday - walk/weights
  • Friday - rest
  • Saturday - 5k race
  • Sunday - elliptical, weights, and swim
No rec center classes are being offered this week. The semester starts next week (8/24) with a whole new list of classes and times. This might be my last week for Zumba as well (my husband teaches Wednesday night). Monday's run won't be outside (as originally planned) because of rain. It will be a rainy week all together so we'll have to see about Wednesday's run as well.

After doing a couple of butt/thigh workouts last week (and it killing me) I've decided I probably need to work on that area some more. One day I'd really like to get my hip measurement at less than 40 inches (I have a quite a ways to go on that one) so this will be an area to target. My quads are fairly strong but I keep getting strains in my hamstrings. And I have no strength in my lower abs and quite a nice muffin top from my two big babies. It's really difficult for me to specifically target these areas on my own (because I can never self motivate to do those exercises) so I'm hoping that when the fall classes start at the rec center there will be some more classes like Abs and Tone that I can get to.

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