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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 11 Results and Week 12 Schedule

  • Monday: 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: elliptical and weight machines
  • Wednesday: 3 mile (intervals) and Zumba
  • Thursday: walk and Shred (level 3) video
  • Friday: elliptical (easy effort)
  • Saturday: 5k race
  • Sunday: BL Power Train video (warm up and level one only), butt pilates, and swim
Avg Daily Burn: 596
Estimated Calories Burned:4172

My trainers this week.
As seen from earlier this week I upped the calories and carbs. This, not surprisingly, did not help matters at all. While it may put me in better "net calorie" ranges it increases my desires to snack and eat crap that isn't good for me. I'm going to restructure the diet plan again. And the bag of candy is going out of my office again.
Average Daily Cals: 1612
Average Daily Carbs: 183

Not a huge loss but better than last week. I had originally hoped to be under 200 at this point. So I'm adjusting expectations. :) I have finally hit the 30 lb loss mark though!
  • Loss week 11: 1.6 lbs (206.8)
  • Overall Loss: 30.2 lbs
  • Mini-Goal #3: 3.2 of 11 lbs

Week 12 Schedule
Before I get into the daily plan I want to ponder more about what  I want my next goal to be now that I've finished the 5k. With the continuing weight stall I think it's obvious that it's time to change things up and kick my body out of its comfort zone. I may only get around to trying a couple of new things this week but I think that finishing 12 weeks means that it's time to start something new/harder for the next 12 weeks. There will most likely be adjustments to this week's schedule as I see how busy my day becomes with classes back in session and family coming to visit.
  • Monday - Spin and Ult Sculpt
  • Tuesday -  30 minute treadmill workout (various speeds) and weights
  • Wednesday - Spin and Zumba (hopefully)
  • Thursday - Turbo Kick (a new class I want to try out - it's cardio and sculpting)
  • Friday - walk/rest
  • Saturday - 3-4 mile run (4/1 intervals), PT video (2 levels)
  • Sunday - elliptical, weights, and swim
Finally, I heard this on the way to work Monday morning so it can become my anthem for the week:

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