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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week Twelve Results

Notice there isn't a "and Week Thirteen Schedule" - no worries I'm not giving up, more on that in a different post...

  • Monday: Spin and Ultimate Sculpt
  • Tuesday: Treadmill intervals (speed work) and weight machines
  • Wednesday: Spin
  • Thursday: Turbo Kick
  • Friday: Walk/Rest
  • Saturday: Quick run (approx 2 mi)
  • Sunday: Spin (35 min), run (2 mile), and Swim
Estimated Calorie Burn: 4022
Average Daily Burn: 575

Monday and Tuesday: AWESOME SAUCE!!! There after, "ehhh". But I have my parents in town and it's social eating and drinking. Nothing insane at first - just not strict caloric intakes. Then Saturday happened and it was if I had never heard of the word diet. But Sunday was back on track.

Tuesday and Wednesday showed big losses on the scale (was down two pounds), Thursday showed a gain back to Tuesday's weigh in weight, Friday and Saturday showed that I was still up but maintaining. Sunday I was up two more pounds (which was no surprise after the eating free for all). Then Monday I was a little lower than last Monday but not by much.

Weight loss: .4 lbs - 206.4
Twelve Week Loss: 31 lbs

I expect this to float back down again this week as I get the carbs and sodium intake under control again. I'm not too frustrated.

Final Notes:
I'm entering a higher stress period in my work environment. I should still be able to get the workouts in and if I prepare ahead the diet will be ok. Another 12 weeks will bring me right to Thanksgiving week. So it's time to hit the refresh button and get going on the next stage.

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