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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekend Workouts

In an effort to make good use of the extra carbs I inhaled over the past couple of days I increased the amount of exercise I did over the weekend.

Saturday was a tour of the rec center with a warm up on elliptical, the 35 min C210K run on the indoor track, a round of arms and legs workouts in the weight room, and ending with a half hour worth of laps in the pool (I think it ended up being about 450 meters). Everything took a little over 2 hours. I estimated it to have burned about 1100 calories. I don't wear a HRM or tracker so this is all based on the calculators in the MyFoodDiary.com database. I take it with a grain of salt and always assume it overestimates.

I saw the first loss of the week on the scale this morning - just down about 1/2 a pound from last week's weigh in but happy to see it finally go down a bit. This week will not be a kick ass weight loss week. Oh well.

I wanted to get outside on Sunday since it wasn't AS nasty hot and humid out. I wanted something more intense than a walk but knew another C210K run would do me in. Instead I did intervals for 5 miles. The first half was run 3, walk 1:30, run 5, walk 2:30 (repeat twice). I was WORN out on the last 5 minutes so coming back I shortened the intervals to run 90 sec, walk 2 min (repeat 6 times). Then I just walked the remaining 1/2 mile or so back to my car. It was hot enough out there for the running to be super difficult. I was out there for a total of 78 minutes and the splits were around 15 m/m. Estimated calorie burn on this was 850.

It's not accurate to try and compare this effort to what the 5k will feel like since it was later, thus hotter, in the morning and I was coming off of a more intense workout from the day before. I need to do a few more outdoor runs before I can tell if I'm going to need to walk/run the 5k.

The last "hot" 5k I ran was in 2011 and it was also at the end of August. I was able to run the whole thing but it was a slower one - 10:30 splits for a 32:30 finish time. I would be thrilled with that time now but I had previously been able to run a 5k closer to 9 min splits so at the time I felt it was slow. I was super sweaty on that run, it was around 85 with the heat index even at 7 a.m . I hope this year the weather is much, much cooler.

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