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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When running feels like, eh...

I'm not as bad as yesterday but the scale remains stuck at almost a pound higher than the Saturday weigh in. Since I've stayed on track with diet and exercise and have been visiting the toilet on a regular basis I don't know what's going on. I just keep hoping for a sudden loss when my body wakes up again.

I scheduled myself to run 3 miles and do weights yesterday. I forgot my socks and almost decided to do nothing but I figured my feet would survive one workout with no socks. Once I got to the rec center I didn't have enough time to do the full 3 miles. I got almost a mile in and decided that the only person making me do 3 miles was me and I could switch things up if I wanted. So I finished the one mile (at 10:45 - whee!) and then went another mile but mixed things up with skipping, walking lunges, and side hopping (or whatever it's officially called). It got my heart rate up higher, my muscles are FAR more sore, and the intensity was better to shake things up. I might have looked like an idiot but I felt better about exercising. I didn't get to the weights - once I got home (which took a while because of back to school meetings for the kids) I forgot that I was going to do them at home . Oh well, I'll fit them in another day.

Today I'm going for double cardio again - spin at lunch and Zumba tonight.

I also changed my lunch from a salad with chicken (or chickpeas) to a sweet potato and black bean burger plus a yogurt.

Keep on, keeping on.

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