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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Go home GPS, you're drunk

Last weekend (Saturday) I decided sleeping in was more important than getting my run in. Also, I thought I had more time in the morning to run than I actually did. So I had planned on getting a 4-5 mile run in (with intervals) but only had time for a quicker 2 mile run around my neighborhood.

I started by walking the first couple of minutes, which conveniently brought me to the top of a hill by walking (instead of running) and then got started running. I could feel every ounce of alcohol I had indulged in over the past couple of days. However, six to seven minutes later my GPS told me that I had just run a mile at 9:15.

I knew it was wrong but my head wanted it to be right. I got to mile two in like 18:30'ish. And finished up around 2.5 miles.

I pulled up the map when I got home and my suspicions were confirmed.

It looks like I tied a very nice bow in the bottom right corner.

Part of the issue is that our streets will eventually connect but I can run the connections as they're currently gravel. But GPS doesn't think that there are roads there.

Usually I don't have this problem with MapMyRun so I don't know what its issue was.

In the end it gave me an extra 1/2 mile with all those meanderings. I did wear a regular watch so I know my total time with walking breaks at the beginning and end was 24 minutes. So I was running faster than normal but definitely not at a 9:15 pace.

The next day I did run one mile in 10:30 however, and that was after 35 minutes on a spin bike. I'm basically the white girl equivalent of Usain Bolt. Try to contain your jealousy.

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