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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hell to the yeah

First, this week is almost over. Thank God.

Exercise has been great this week. Even though there have been times where I wanted to curl up and die (just a little).

I met with my personal trainer for our first workout on Thursday. We did a little bit of a warm up and then moved to the weight room. We started off with bicep curls (15 reps)- no biggie. Then instead of taking a break between sets she moved me over to wall squats (30-36 seconds). Those wall squats were the first thing to make me want to die a little. I've done loads of squats in the last several weeks but nothing that low or for holding that long. There were four sets of these.

Then we did tricep pulls and glute presses - triceps were more difficult than the glutes but it was at this point that my stomach was telling me that eating a salad an hour earlier wasn't the best idea. I survived but it wasn't fun.

Then there were shoulder presses and rows. Then a hellish cardio run - 6.0 incline with jogging intervals. The jogs weren't fast but they were awful at that incline. My heart jumped up to the 170 range and I really wasn't feeling that salad. I wanted to quit or lower the incline through 80% of it. But I stuck it out and didn't barf - I think that qualifies as success. We ended with ab work that focused on the lower abs - which is what I want but good god...

Anyway, I was worn out. I still had to give a presentation at work afterwards. I used a bar stool to sit and present. But as I told the trainer: I may grimace, grunt, and complain but this is all good stuff. It's pushing me to do things that I don't push myself to do on my own workouts. Like there is no way I'll ever set the treadmill to a 6.0 on my own - it's just not going to happen.

As mentioned earlier this week, I'm trying to keep the eating under control but I'm failing on the sugar end. Most of it is because I'm exhausted this week and sugar is the comfort food. However, things must be balancing out because I'm still losing weight this week.

This morning I was another 2 pounds down! I'm now right at 202.0.

That's 35 pounds lost. One more pound to be at my half-way point. And 3 more pounds to get to the next BMI range (which is mini-goal #3 I believe, maybe it's #4 - who knows, doesn't matter).

I'm exhausted but life is good.

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