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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Imaginary Conversations

Meeting my trainer for the first time this afternoon. When signing up I wrote that I had no preference for having a girl or guy trainer - I ended up with a girl. Some gals might feel more comfortable training with another girl but my first thought is, "crap - she's going to kill me". My experience is that you can get away with less whining with a girl trainer, guys are easier to manipulate.

But here's how I imagine our conversation going this afternoon:

Trainer: "So what do you hope to accomplish during our sessions?"
Me: "I want to push myself and get stronger. I'm up for anything except burpees and mountain climbers. If you can just eliminate those exercises from your repertoire we'll get along just fine."

Believe me, there are plenty of other exercises that I hate but I'm willing to do if it accomplishes a goal. Planks are high on that list along with any other exercises that involves jumping. But those burpees and mountain climbers make me want to die inside.

In other random ramblings, last night was my last Wednesday Zumba night for a while. She started off with this song as her warm up:

Kind of a different song for Zumba but I really enjoyed it because I had an instant flash back to 2005 when I listened to this song while being this much pregnant:

My son was born in late September so this song got me through those agonizing last 3-4 weeks. Now 10 years later I'm up to my ears in planning a Harry Potter themed birthday party. The things you do for your kids... I'm also going to a Girl Scout meeting with my daughter who is VERY EAGER to try it out - that also makes me want to die inside (because of all the things they'll require me to commit and volunteer to).

And finally, while this week is completely crazy there's always this:

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