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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In spite of...

In spite of a heavier carb day because there ended up being a Sister Schubert roll and some chocolate chips in my diet before the night ended the scale went down some more at this morning's check-in.

I'm back to, and slightly below, the low weight of a couple weeks ago = 204.2. I'm almost to my half way point.

I also took measurements and I've trimmed up in a few areas. My body fat % is continuing to drop as well.

All. Great. Things.

And all good reminders that being militant and strict about your diet and exercise plan might give you quicker results but that life style will never be maintained over the long run. Life and candy happens but there can also be balance. It's not a failure if I keep moving forward.

I may not lose anymore this week but I'm happy with what I saw this morning. And my body is super sore from the boot camp type of class yesterday - so in spite of my grumblings it was also a good thing.

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