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Friday, September 11, 2015

Quick Recap

Met with the trainer. I liked her. This meeting was just the initial assessment so I have yet to get a work out with her. I anticipate it will be a love/hate relationship once we get going. But here's a recap...

  1. She doesn't like Burpees or Mountain Climbers either.  She doesn't see the point of them. She said, "you can do squats and push-ups - you don't have to combine the two and look like an idiot while doing so" (italics are my emphasis). I almost asked her to marry me.
  2. She got a big smile on her face when she realized I did indeed have a base level of fitness. She's excited that we can do more things.
  3. I've asked her to teach me how to properly use the free weights and bar weights. I want to play with the big boys and get away from the machines when I can.
  4. Number two should make me scared but as long as the evil exercises aren't going to pop up I'm am indeed up for anything.
  5. I can leg bench press 200 lbs. I'm pretty awesome.

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