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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The stomach wants what it wants...

Selena got it wrong - it's not the heart but the stomach.

I really want Panda Express for lunch. Students keep getting it and bringing it into my building and the smell is killing me.

So I thought today, "well I could save my salad for my dinner and have a heavier lunch" (which is probably better anyways). Surely there's something that will be ok for me to eat there...

Nope. Ok, sure if I got a side of vegetables and the beef and broccoli which isn't too bad but I want the carbs and starchiness of the chow mien or rice. And the fried spicy goodness of the Beijing Beef. Those two combined are almost 1000 calories, 48g of fat, and 111g carbs. Ugh.

Boring salad it is...

As for the rest of this week, once again I'm doing great with exercise but still snacking too much. I haven't lost any more weight yet so I won't get to 1-derland this week (unless there's a weekend miracle - which won't happen because we'll have a b-day party with cake, candy, and yummy food).  Oh well, at least I'm staying active.

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