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Friday, September 25, 2015

Then there's this...

I forgot, I did so something moderately exciting this week. I signed up for another 5k for a month from now.

I accepted but hated my last 5k time (37'ish minutes) because I know I can go much faster than that - even when I'm not in the best shape. So this is a chance to redeem myself a bit.

Whereas with the Doughboy Challenge I didn't set up any concrete time goals I do have some for this one. I want 11 min/mile averages (or faster). I might be able to get closer to a 10:30-10:45 average based on my recent runs. However, my recent runs have been kept shorter - most around 2-2.5 miles so I first need to see if I can keep up the pace for a longer run.

So, I'll add more running back into my weekly workouts. I'll start off this Saturday by doing a timed treadmill run for 3 miles. I'll keep the first 2 miles at 11 m/m and then try to up the speed for the last mile. If I find that I'm able to do this fairly easily then I'll push my time goals up a bit. But I also need to be running outside too to make sure I can do it on the real road. But late October should give us lovely weather - as long as the rain stays away.

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