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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 13 Results

I'm running behind and slightly off the wagon. Exercise is decent - diet is bad. But here's a quick recap of last week's exercise if nothing else. I still haven't heard from the personal trainer so no updates on that yet.

  • Monday - spin
  • Tuesday - went to Turbo Kick but it was cancelled so I got about 25 minutes worth of elliptical and the Abs and Tone class.  I managed to overwork a back muscle from that class.
  • Wednesday - Zumba
  • Thursday - Quick run, 2 miles plus warm up/cool down walk
  • Friday - Elliptical for 35 minutes, Run - 1 mile at a 10:00 pace.
  • Saturday - I thought the rec center was closed for the weekend (turns out it wasn't) and it was too hot (for me) to run outside. I kept meaning to do something else but never got around to it so I eventually just called it my "rest" day.
  • Sunday - Forgot that I signed up to donate platelets. No exercise again due to cautionary restrictions.
Friday's run was kind of fun. I wanted to see if I could do a whole 10 minutes at a 6.0 (or 10 min pace) on the treadmill. The last two minutes were pretty painful but I got it done. Since I don't have enough time for longer runs I'm trying to up the intensity in my shorter runs. My theory is that I'll eventually get quicker over the longer runs as well if I keep this up.

I did exercise on Monday and had another good run that involved speed work. I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and would work my way up to a 7.0 (8:30 pace) for one minute at a time. I probably did that 4-5 times. There were several minutes at a 10:00 min pace (6.0) and several at a 12:00 min pace (5.0), and a couple walking breaks. During the last 10 minutes it was harder to keep up the higher speeds. There was also an awkward, "is he trying to flirt with me and if so, why?" encounter. Seriously, the guy was staring at me the whole time I was on the treadmill doing speed work (which is not my most attractive look - red faced feeling like I'm going to puke), then he talked to me after, and seemed to follow me around a bit. He didn't strike me as a weirdo but it was weird for me. I don't normally have weird gym encounters so it was a novel and confusing experience. 

And the diet. Oh so bad. There is no diet right now. I'll get back on track but my mom is visiting and there are a lot of goodies to eat.

So not surprisingly, I have gained weight. It might be one pound or three pounds it keeps swinging back and forth. My primary goal right now is to just keep exercising and to try some moderation.

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