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Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 15 Results

I can't remember what week I'm on anymore... I have to look back at the previous post.

Great week - very happy with everything. Only one fun meme to post today as I don't have time to search for them.


  • Monday: Elliptical and Ult. Sculpt video
  • Tuesday: Abs and Tone and Elliptical/Run
  • Wednesday: Spin
  • Thursday: Personal Trainer workout
  • Friday: 44 min run 
  • Saturday: Zumba (Saturday mornings are way more peppier than Wednesday nights)
  • Sunday: Rest day - didn't do anything, it was great

Meh. I'm kind of tracking. As mentioned before I'm still higher on the carbs and sugar intake than I should be but since it's a stressful time I'm not beating myself up about it. I ate more over the weekend because I just kept feeling like I need to snack on things.

Have I already used this one?
Even with the snacking I didn't put anything back on this weekend.
  • Weekly Weight Loss: 5.2 lb. (202)
  • Overall Weight Loss: 37 lb.
  • Mini-Goal #3: 8 lbs out of 11
I'm comfortable in my size 12 clothes right now. I'm able to pull out older skirts and slacks that I haven't worn in quite a while. When I look in the mirror I go back and forth between liking what I see and focusing on the parts that still are round and flabby. I really try not to because I know there's a disconnect there - that the parts I don't like will always seem worse than they may really be in reality. And even as I lose more weight that I'll always have a muffin top so I might as well accept it. That's what happens after two large babies and a lifetime of being overweight - I'll have saggy skin there. But there is LESS there so in the end it's still a good thing.

Week 16 Schedule:
Here's what I have planned for now. I would be thrilled to get under 200 this week but we'll just have to see what my body does and how I do with snacking impulses. It's another crazy week (I have a couple more before things calm down again) so I can't make any guarantees.
  • Monday: Spin and Ult Sculpt video
  • Tuesday: Turbo Kick (if it's not cancelled)
  • Wednesday: Spin or something else
  • Thursday: Personal Trainer workout
  • Friday: Rest day (my schedule is way busy)
  • Saturday: Something at the rec center - probably a mix of run/weights/swim
  • Sunday: Walk

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