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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An extra coffee type of week

While the stress and amount of work I deal with has gone down this week I'm still trying to recover on the energy side. Yesterday (Monday) was a bit like trying to crawl through molasses - or at least how I imagine something like that would be (having never actually crawled through molasses).

I remembered my vitamins (also lacking in my diet recently) and got some extra coffee. The first student I met with probably thought I was losing my mind, or an idiot, because it was so hard to focus on what she was saying and what I needed to say back to her. It got better as the day went on but it was still just a low energy day.

Still I made it to exercise during lunch. I got there a few minutes before spin class began so I jumped on the treadmill for a quick run. I was able to get a mile done with 3/4 of it at a 10:00 min/pace and the last 1/4 at a 8:34 min/pace. With the wee bit of walking at the beginning just as the treadmill came up to speed I got the mile done in less than 10 minutes which was nice. I didn't feel too awful doing it - definitely tired at the end but not dying. Spin made me want to die afterwards as she was in love with seated climbs for that session (and I got a weird bike that was either too light or too heavy on the resistance).

Diet was on track. I had a couple of indulgences but they were ok in the overall scheme - sure better choices could be made but it's all about balance right? Or at least that's what people say. Weight came down a little just from one day of being good so I should be back to where I was before the weekend binge pretty soon.

Couple of other changes, I'll end up meeting with my personal trainer today (Tuesday) so TurboKick is moved to Thursday. And my rest day will be changed to Sunday as the gym will be closed for the weekend. I only have 2.5 weeks until that 5k I signed up for so I want to get a couple of outside runs but for now a better time is definitely possible.

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