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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Clearance pants failure

I had this morning off from work (typed on Tuesday) since I had to take the kids to the dentist. I tried to make good use of some extra time to get a run in before that appointment. It's been pretty chilly here in the mornings and I was looking to wear my running pants rather than capris. I found a pair of pants I got off a clearance rack a few months ago. They were an XL which means they fit my thighs fine but were way too big on my waist - the joy of being pear shaped.

I remembered that I had issues with these falling off my hips the couple of times I wore them previously but thought I could get through a run. Nope. Flashing people all over my neighborhood. Hope they liked my pink granny panties.

So with stopping to pull up my pants every 5 steps and just not feeling very energetic overall I didn't get much of a run in. I ended up doing 1.8 miles in 27 minutes. Awesome sauce! (she types sarcastically) This bodes well for Sunday's 5k.

I just didn't have it in me this morning. Of course I made it easier on myself by saying I could get in extra cardio at the end of the day - but that won't actually happen. I then tried to get in some strength training with a video workout but only had time for about 1/2 of it and really struggled through that half. Still - at least I did get exercise in today and if I stay on track with my planned calories it will be ok.

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