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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Like a Sir

They put up some pictures from the Run for Your Life 5k. These aren't copyrighted or for sale so I feel free to share them here.

This was the first one I saw - me at the starting line (pink shirt, neon yellow visor). The first thing I thought was that my face reminded me of this meme.

That guy in the blue hat in front of me taunted me for the entire run. He was doing a run/walk thing and I had finally caught up and passed him but he beat me at the end - by a lot. See, I'm way in the background....

Here I am right before the 1 mile marker. The first mile was the hardest. I should probably warm up more before 5k's but I can never convince myself to spend the energy doing a warm up run.

The lady in the yellowish shirt and leggings also stuck by me for most of the run. I had just passed her at the point of the picture above and managed to stay in front but not by much.

Anyway, this week is going well. The candy dish is winning a bit more but nothing ridiculous. And the exercise is going well.

But will she survive the weekend? Only the shadow knows...

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