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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Merely overweight

The 199 on the scale has been a long time in coming. I haven't been under 200 since late 2011. I remember being in the 190's when I did the triathlon in September 2011 and I know I crept up on the scale after that but I don't know when exactly I passed the 200 mark. I do remember that I was above 210 by February of 2012.

Back in 2006 when I first got under 200 - really for the first time since I was 17 or 18 - I swore I would never let it get back over 200 again. Of course I had a second child in 2007 and hung on to that baby weight for a while but it did go down once I started exercising again. From 2012 to 2014 there just wasn't any regular exercising going on at all.

The key for me is exercising. Diet is important, of course, but I can maintain my weight or at least keep the gains minimal if I'm also exercising. And the thing is, I'm strong. I might not be able to keep up for long with a high intensity cardio or a fast run but I am strong. I can do higher weights than my trainer right now and I can definitely keep up with any of my peers in the exercise classes that I take.

So often I feel my inadequacy rather than my strengths. So today is a day to remember my strengths.

199 brings me to a new category on the BMI scale - overweight instead of obese. I know BMI can be argued against because it doesn't factor in our different body types and muscle percentage. I use it just as one of my tools in measuring my overall health. But the fact is that this type of scale is used and being "obese" even if I don't look like it or am exercising regularly still counts against me on my health insurance and every other type of assessment tool.

For my height I would have to be 168 before being in the "normal weight" category. It is an eventual goal but I think once I get into the 180's my focus will be on body fat percentages rather than weight. I don't plan on going crazy with muscle building but I do like defined arms, legs, and abs and my clothes size flatters my vanity more than the weight on the scale.

Last week I had the chance to do some shopping. I had been waiting to shop because I didn't want to buy useless in-between sizes. But I really needed some more shirts for work as everything was feeling too big and flowy - that's what I wanted 6 months ago but no longer. I had a couple hours to kill with no one waiting on me so I took my time to explore all the sections of Macy's and to try on several different items. I found a dress I really loved in a size 10 and it fit - probably didn't look as good as it will after another 10-15 lbs are lost but it did fit. All the other size 12's fit and I even got a medium shirt. I ended up not getting the dress because I couldn't justify the need/cost for it when there were several other items I would wear on a weekly basis for work but it was fun to shop and try on clothes.

Also, remember a few weeks ago when I said I tried on my size 12 jeans and while they could be buttoned they weren't comfortable? They now feel great.

So even though the scale progress has been slow over the past few weeks there is progress being made. And I'm happy with where I'm at in this moment.

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