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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Run for Your Life 5k

So my initial hope for this race was to get done in under 33 minutes. But I didn't put the running time into my training. Then when I did,I couldn't do much more than 5 minutes at a time before wanting to crash. I've had issues this past week with my heart rate accelerating quickly and it's annoying.

Anyway, I went to the race today with no real hopes beyond hoping to be faster than the 37 minutes that I had for the last 5k.

It was supposed to be rainy but thankfully it was just overcast and chilly for the whole race. I first wondered if I should have worn long sleeves instead of capris and a t-shirt (it was in the 50's). But I knew I would warm up once I got going so I didn't worry too much about that. In fact, once I was 2 miles in I wished I had worn a tank top and shorts. Of course I was freezing at the end once my shirt was all sweaty and I was too lazy to walk to my car to get my jacket.

I ran for about 3 minutes before I felt out of breath. I thought it was a bad sign but I just tried to slow down and get through it. The initial rush of people passing me was over about half a mile in and then I started catching up to others who had started off too fast. I stayed about dead middle for the whole race (there were a good number of walkers). I made it to mile one at about 10:25.

Mile two was more closer to an 11 minute mile and then I took a one minute walking break. I had one more 1 minute walking break before mile three and actually made it to mile 3 before the 33 minute mark so that wasn't too bad. 

Then I thought I had the burst of energy to get through the last .12 mile but started to feel almost woozy about half way through that. I just kept on trucking and finished. 

So it wasn't as good as I initially hoped but much better than I expected. I didn't win any door prizes but did get some decent give aways.

All the same I think I'm cutting my runs down to two miles from here until January.

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