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Monday, November 30, 2015

Like a record baby, right round, round round

You know, not enough recording artists wear eye patches anymore...

I went back to spin today - it was the first time in a few weeks. And there was a sub who seemed to push us harder but really, I think it was just me. I started feeling tired and whoozy after the first few minutes. For the first time in a long time I had to stop and leave the class for a few minutes or else I would have ran the risk of passing out.

This cardio exhaustion has gotten annoying.

I didn't end up getting exercise in over the weekend - this should not come as a surprise. But my weight stayed steady (I mean steady after the initial gain that I've had over the last couple of weeks). I had already eaten this morning when I weighed myself but I came in at 197.8 so the overall damage is about 3 lbs from my lowest weigh in.

I think nerves, regarding the upcoming surgery, are playing themselves out in bingeing. Cookies were the culprit yesterday. I don't have any specific diet plans for my recovery period because I don't know what I'll feel like eating. It's all unknown territory for the next couple of weeks.

I'll post again on Wednesday after my final personal trainer assessment.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Post Turkey

I survived the holiday itself without gaining anything but we'll see how the extended holiday weekend ends up...

  • Tuesday: 2 miles jogging, 275 calorie burn on the elliptical
  • Wednesday: 2 miles jogging, then personal trainer session (who ended up making me do more running)
  • Thursday: 4.11 miles of intervals
  • Friday: 3.06 miles walking and Ultimate Sculpt video
So far, nothing for Saturday but I still have a few hours before I call it a day. The rec center is closed all weekend and it's been on and off rainy today and supposed to be flat out rainy tomorrow. So exercising will depend on videos here at home.

I'll have my last trainer session on Monday or Wednesday next week. But that session will be more of a final assessment than a training session. I really need a few more good workouts before I'm laid up for a few days (surgery on the 3rd). I hope my recovery is smooth enough to at least start walking within a couple of days. I'm ok with waiting on the other stuff.

Otherwise, here's my plan to stay fit through the Christmas season....

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekly Results (or the last two weeks...)

Hello again. This will be short and depressing...

As mentioned in the last post I didn't do much last week. Here are my mighty two workouts:

  • Friday: Personal Trainer
  • Saturday: 5 miles (intervals)
I really did mean to get out again on Sunday but it didn't happen. I did however manage to bake cookies, cinnamon rolls, and fresh bread.

Because carbs.

On the bright side, the 5 miles on Saturday was brilliant. I wasn't fast or anything but it felt great. I got to enjoy the last bit of warmer weather before this recent cold spell hit.

Another week is ahead of me though and everyday is a choice. The unfortunate part is that all the group classes have been cancelled for this week so my workouts are solely dependent on me. I haven't proven to be the most reliable in the past couple of weeks...

Weight gain: back up to 198'ish today. This was less than what I was expecting but still not great. No way I'll reach any of my mini-goals before my surgery but it is what it is.

I hope to still get some good exercise in over the next 10 days. After that the blog will get quiet for a little while. I'll post about the thyroid stuff as it's always good to have a summary of how it went. But as my exercise will be limited to walking for a little bit the blog will take a little pre-holiday break.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Why I signed up for a personal trainer

Monday: it's windy outside. I don't want to work out.
Tuesday: hmmm, I should work out but I won't
Wednesday: so tired after less than 5 hours of sleep, not going to work out
Thursday: Must work out! Oh didn't shave legs - can't wear this outfit. Didn't work out.
Friday: Meet with personal trainer = no excuses left

So back to the grindstone today. Shaky arms already. She really likes inverted rows. But it was a good workout and what I needed to get me off my duff and back in the gym.

I've gained weight over the past couple of weeks. I'll see if I can shape up over the weekend and report back in on Monday.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

On the bus

I'm still around. I have a half finished post from last week that I'll eventually get around to putting up.

I spent the first half of this week traveling around the great state of Tennessee (and southern Kentucky) promoting my university. I had brilliant plans to run along the river walk in Memphis and hit the hotel gyms early each morning. Because I am a dedicated and disciplined kind of person!

Instead I checked out the top of the Bass Pro shop/temple and ate BBQ.

I did get one gym workout in but it didn't come anywhere close to burning off the extra calories that come from attending these events.

Met with my trainer today and chuckled when she once again said I would eventually be able to do a pull-up. Aaaah to be 20 and optimistic still...

I still hope to get some run/walks or maybe even a hike in while in AZ. One great thing that has come from the slow down in weight loss is the realization that I'll eventually get there (meaning any goals for weight loss or fitness gains) as long as I keep moving forward.

And if a delicious slice of pecan pie slows me down so be it.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Shaky arms

So this is a week late, whatever...

Forget the stanky leg, I have shaky arms.

Another torturous (yet amazing) session with my trainer. I was completely wiped out at the end of the session. I could barely make it through the last set of exercises and then my whole body was in a nervous shiver kind of mode as I took a shower and got dressed back in work clothes. There were parts I didn't like.

Such as the three sets of exercises on this #$%^ing piece of equipment:

We did the knees up like the picture above, then straight legs up, and then bicycles (20 seconds of each, repeat 3 times). I absolutely could not do the straight leg one. Whatever specific ab muscle that one requires does not exist in my body.

But there were other parts I did like such as the squat press machine (or whatever it's technically called):

I had a couple of issues with vertigo during the workout - leftover side effects from the cold of last week. But I just gave myself a moment to stabilize if I moved my head around or went from standing to lying down.

Anyway, my original plan was to get a 2-3 mile run in on Saturday but I think my legs will need an off day tomorrow. I might just do the elliptical and swim instead. (Turns out I did get the 3 miles in - my legs are awesome!)

Weight is just stable this week but I'm also indulging in Halloween candy. Evil, wonderful holiday. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

But there are no jump squats in spin class...

Spin was cancelled today so I did a boot-camp style class. I was happy it was only 30 minutes long. We would run a lap and then do leg exercises such as squats, lunges, wall sits, and jump squats. The jump squats were the worst. Going back to running a lap after that felt like a brick workout. The leg muscles were not into running. But I got another mile in to add to my monthly mileage goal. So far this week I'm up to 5 miles, my goal for week one is 10 miles so halfway there!

I also decided to switch Turbo Kick with Abs and Tone for Tuesday. I figured I needed the weights portion more than cardio. I just added running for 15 minutes before hand and elliptical for 10 minutes afterwards. Then I discovered that I missed a call from my son's school that he wasn't feeling well because I had stuck my phone in the locker while I was working out. Stupid cold germs.

Finally, I have a new obsession. Wasabi peas in my salad. So good! I made the fatal error of shopping immediately after working out on Monday afternoon so there were lots of yummy snack items thrown into the cart. But this one isn't too terribly bad for you - lots of sodium but otherwise ok.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Preparing for turkey

Aaah November, the dreary month. It's grey and gross out there right now. Though they say we should see some sun later today.

We've been hit with the cold germs in my household this week. I'm feeling a bit under the weather but I'm still well enough to keep up with the exercise and such. I got a 3 mile run in yesterday along with some weights (focused on arms only). Today will be Turbo Kick.

I'm now down to my few weeks before my thyroid surgery so I spent some time yesterday wondering if I should have any specific goals for this month beyond: "keep working out and hope to lose weight". Whatever goal I pick though has to be flexible enough that I can still complete it along with a good amount of travel that I have planned for the next couple of weeks.

I saw on one running blog they were doing a mileage goal - get x amount of miles done before Thanksgiving. I kind of liked that one but didn't want anything too rigid or that required too much mileage in a week since I'm not doing a lot of running right now. But I think I could get to 50 miles for the entire month (that's 10-12 miles a week) so that's my goal for the moment. And I will set it up for myself that the mileage is from walking or running. I should still be able to get runs in while I'm out for work and personal travel. I'll have hotel gyms for my work travel and will be in Arizona for my personal travel so I assume I'll have decent outside weather for walk/runs while I'm there.

Right now my calorie counter says that if I run a flat mile at a 11 min pace I would burn 157 calories. So that multiplied by 50 miles equals 7,580. According to this article I could consume 4500 calories for Thanksgiving dinner so I should be good with surviving the holiday feasting. :)

I had originally planned on doing a Turkey Trot type of race (4 miles) on Thanksgiving morning but I didn't sign up early so now the fee for the race is $40 which to me is a bit much even if it is for a good cause.

In all seriousness though, I would really love to be done with mini-goal #4 (I think it was #4) and have 20% of my original body weight lost before my surgery. I need to be at 189 for this goal. I had some movement on the scale this morning - got rid of the weekend bloat - and was at 194 even. I think 5 pounds is possible for the month if I can keep on track. If I can be in the 180's before my surgery than I'll be very happy even though I didn't make my original hopes for goal weight. That original plan was unrealistic anyway.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Recap (10/26-11/1)


  • Monday: Spin
  • Tuesday: Mile run and elliptical
  • Wednesday: Spin and half a Zumba class (it was our Zumba-ween party)
  • Thursday: Turbo Kick
  • Friday: Personal Trainer
  • Saturday: House cleaning and Trick or Treating
  • Sunday: Rest

Mostly good, I think. Not completely on track which is why no weight came off but I didn't feel guilty about anything either so I think that's good.

Weight - went up and back all week; up half a pound this morning from my lowest weight last week, 197'ish.

This week:
I need to get back on track for weights. I was fine on cardio last week but only got one day of weights in (my personal trainer day). While I count TurboKick as cardio and strength training I need to set aside the time for weights as well. For my days where I just list "cardio" it means I'll be at the gym and will probably either run or do the elliptical - I'll see where the spirit leads me.
  • Monday: Cardio and Weights
  • Tuesday: Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday: Spin
  • Thursday: Cardio and Weights
  • Friday: Personal Trainer
  • Saturday: Cardio and Weights
  • Sunday: Rest