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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

But there are no jump squats in spin class...

Spin was cancelled today so I did a boot-camp style class. I was happy it was only 30 minutes long. We would run a lap and then do leg exercises such as squats, lunges, wall sits, and jump squats. The jump squats were the worst. Going back to running a lap after that felt like a brick workout. The leg muscles were not into running. But I got another mile in to add to my monthly mileage goal. So far this week I'm up to 5 miles, my goal for week one is 10 miles so halfway there!

I also decided to switch Turbo Kick with Abs and Tone for Tuesday. I figured I needed the weights portion more than cardio. I just added running for 15 minutes before hand and elliptical for 10 minutes afterwards. Then I discovered that I missed a call from my son's school that he wasn't feeling well because I had stuck my phone in the locker while I was working out. Stupid cold germs.

Finally, I have a new obsession. Wasabi peas in my salad. So good! I made the fatal error of shopping immediately after working out on Monday afternoon so there were lots of yummy snack items thrown into the cart. But this one isn't too terribly bad for you - lots of sodium but otherwise ok.

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