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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Post Turkey

I survived the holiday itself without gaining anything but we'll see how the extended holiday weekend ends up...

  • Tuesday: 2 miles jogging, 275 calorie burn on the elliptical
  • Wednesday: 2 miles jogging, then personal trainer session (who ended up making me do more running)
  • Thursday: 4.11 miles of intervals
  • Friday: 3.06 miles walking and Ultimate Sculpt video
So far, nothing for Saturday but I still have a few hours before I call it a day. The rec center is closed all weekend and it's been on and off rainy today and supposed to be flat out rainy tomorrow. So exercising will depend on videos here at home.

I'll have my last trainer session on Monday or Wednesday next week. But that session will be more of a final assessment than a training session. I really need a few more good workouts before I'm laid up for a few days (surgery on the 3rd). I hope my recovery is smooth enough to at least start walking within a couple of days. I'm ok with waiting on the other stuff.

Otherwise, here's my plan to stay fit through the Christmas season....

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