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Friday, November 6, 2015

Shaky arms

So this is a week late, whatever...

Forget the stanky leg, I have shaky arms.

Another torturous (yet amazing) session with my trainer. I was completely wiped out at the end of the session. I could barely make it through the last set of exercises and then my whole body was in a nervous shiver kind of mode as I took a shower and got dressed back in work clothes. There were parts I didn't like.

Such as the three sets of exercises on this #$%^ing piece of equipment:

We did the knees up like the picture above, then straight legs up, and then bicycles (20 seconds of each, repeat 3 times). I absolutely could not do the straight leg one. Whatever specific ab muscle that one requires does not exist in my body.

But there were other parts I did like such as the squat press machine (or whatever it's technically called):

I had a couple of issues with vertigo during the workout - leftover side effects from the cold of last week. But I just gave myself a moment to stabilize if I moved my head around or went from standing to lying down.

Anyway, my original plan was to get a 2-3 mile run in on Saturday but I think my legs will need an off day tomorrow. I might just do the elliptical and swim instead. (Turns out I did get the 3 miles in - my legs are awesome!)

Weight is just stable this week but I'm also indulging in Halloween candy. Evil, wonderful holiday. :)

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