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Friday, December 4, 2015

Goodbye Thyroid, I never liked you anyway

Just a quick pop in to give an update. I may write more later but it was all pretty straight forward.

Thyroid surgery went very well yesterday (Thursday). I only stayed in recovery for 4 hours and was able to come home. I didn't feel too great last night, massive headache and nausea, but this morning it's just the soreness of my throat (from being intubated during surgery) and the soreness of the incision site. It will be a few days before we get any pathology reports but since the surgery didn't have any complications my hopes are that the nodules are all still benign (I had biopsies a couple years ago when the nodules were first found). As for now I'm trying to get by with regular tylenol rather than the hydro condone since I think that makes me more whoozy than actually helps me with pain. The issues last night was probably an anesthesia hangover.

One funny addition is that I had my last assessment and workout with my trainer on Wednesday so besides a sore neck I also have really sore thighs and glutes.  It probably helps to spread the pain out a little so I don't concentrate on my neck. :)

I'm on restrictions for two weeks. So just walking and trying to stay good about diet will be in my plans until I'm cleared again. Which right now, since I'm still pretty tired, sounds just delightful.

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