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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow days

This is how is usually looks when it snows in the south. And yes, they cancel school if we get this much snow. There might be ice after all...

Having spent a winter in Connecticut and several winters in the mountains of Arizona where we could receive a foot or more of snow in a good snow storm (and I would still have to drive to work) I find this reaction bizarre.

But I too, having adapted to southern ways, stayed inside and ate my way through the Snowpocalypse of 2016. We actually ended up with 3-4 inches of snow which didn't melt right away - still completely manageable for rational beings but I couldn't bring myself to go out of my driveway and deal with the crazies who might be out there trying to prove that they could still drive 80 on an icy road.

Anyway, any progress I had started to make last week was quickly lost. But a good amount of tequila was gained. Margaritas are a solid plan on how to survive several days stuck in your house with your children and husband.

Tried to get back on track this week on Monday and ended up not being able to get to the rec center, Tuesday I forgot my sneakers, but finally on Wednesday I was back in the game again. Kettle Fit at lunch and Zumba that night. Spin today. And I meet my new trainer tomorrow. I guess last semester's trainer isn't working this semester so I get a new guy (to me - he's not a new trainer). He teaches the Kettle Fit class so that's why I checked it out - to get an impression of what he'll be like. Should be fine but we'll see how I feel after our first workout - tomorrow is just the initial assessment.

I plan to work out this weekend as well and will try to get back to the 193 and then move on from there. One day at a time right now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Random thoughts that make up my day

Ignore the candy drawer.

Crap! It's cold outside!

Good lord, Panda Express smells amazing!

Ignore the candy drawer.

Roasted peanuts are a gift from heaven.

Roasted peanuts should not count as carbs right?

I probably could have gone harder in spin today.

It's hard to reduce carbs when your family wants homemade ice-cream.

Ignore the candy drawer.

Should I try to run 2016 miles in 2016? Oh wait - that's like 5.66 miles per day. Never mind.

There are 365 days in a year right? Oh wait - leap year! 366 this year!

Ignore the candy drawer.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Results: Jan 11-17

It's been a weird couple of weeks. After my awesome weigh in I had a lot of emotional eating binges. There was an absurd amount of Starbursts eaten one afternoon...

We've had a few stressors at home and work and I think my hormones are still trying to balance out (post thyroidectomy). Anyway, I'm not down on myself as these things happen. You just keep moving forward. Even if your diet restarts every morning.

Not surprisingly, I didn't keep the weight off. This morning I weighed in at 196.8.

I didn't do too bad with exercise though last week.

  • Monday: honestly can't remember but it may have been nothing...
  • Tuesday: spin class
  • Wednesday: meant to go to Zumba but it ended up being nothing - bad mental health day
  • Thursday: Week 2 of C25k
  • Friday: Week 3 day 1 of C25K and some arm/leg weights
  • Saturday: "Recovery" run of week 1 C25K plan and weight machines for arms and legs
  • Sunday: 55 minutes on the elliptical, 40 minutes walking on a 9-11% incline on the treadmill and 5 minutes of running (5.0-6.0 speed). Plus 90% of a yoga DVD and 50% of my ultimate sculpt DVD. My DVDs are getting old and keep freezing. It's annoying.
I've put spin and Zumba on my calendar - it helps me mentally to actually go if it's scheduled into my day. I'm going through the C25K program again as well. Since I continually lose my endurance with running I have to keep restarting. 

So today, being MLK day, the gym is closed and it feels like 3 degrees outside. Even though it's a brilliant sunny day the wind is a beast and I don't feel up to braving those wind chill temps. I'll do something inside but it won't be a high cardio burn. Otherwise here's my plan for the week:
  • Monday: some type of videos - more sculpting than cardio
  • Tuesday: spin
  • Wednesday: Zumba & W3D2 of C25K at lunch
  • Thursday: spin
  • Friday: W3D3 of C25K and weights
  • Saturday: rest/elliptical
  • Sunday: W4D1 of C25K and weights
My plan for diet this week is to cut back on carbs but not count calories/fat. This is really difficult for me to do. Usually, if I cut carbs I still keep an eye on overall calories/fat and thus feel super hungry all the time. 

So nothing exciting or profound to blog about but it's just about moving forward, even if you fell back a couple steps.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Is this a motivated face?


Stupid gray and rainy days.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

May the scale be ever in your favor

Well, that was easy enough.

This morning weigh in had me back at 193 (even) and thus all the Christmas bloat is gone.

Which doesn't mean it won't ever come back but it is nice to see drastic scale movement to help start the motivation again.

But, also, keep in mind that there are still 28 pounds to lose before hitting my actual goal weight.


Or I can think positively - I've lost 44 pounds so I'm almost to the 2/3rd mark of my goal line. Just keep swimming.

If I use my previous "mini-goals" I'm still working on mini-goal #4 (out of 6). This goal was to get me to 183 pounds which would be a 20% loss from my start weight. So I have 10 pounds left to reach that mini-goal and that's my scale focus for now.

I'll sign up for another personal trainer for this semester. I really want to work on targeting certain areas to lose additional inches more than anything else with them. As I look back on my measurements from the past 6 months I lost a lot in my waist but my thigh measurements didn't move really - maybe 1/2 an inch. However, it's difficult to lose inches on your thighs when your trainer loves for you to do squats... So my areas are thighs, hips, and biceps. And the hope is to strengthen the muscle without bulking it up. Surely this is possible...

In other musings - I looked at some races yesterday. I briefly thought it would be fun to spend my 38 birthday doing a 15k. It's one I really enjoyed before. But then I remembered that I don't enjoy running more than 3 minutes at a time right now so why torture myself when I can find better (and more productive) things to do with my time?

I am going to fit C25K training back into my weekly workouts just to get that endurance back up. I did week 3/day 1 yesterday and it was hard. So I'll trust the C25K process and just get back into doing each week until I'm able to run the full 30 minutes again.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome 2016

The break is over. I'm now one month after surgery and getting back on track for both diet and exercise. Diet has been a Christmas cookie free for all for the past month but amazingly I didn't gain too much.

My weigh in today (after 30 minutes on the elliptical but with full clothes and shoes on) was 196.6. A few days after surgery I was at 193.2 so I'm ok with the small gain - it could have been so much worse. Now the real issue is that while the scale might not have changed too drastically I'm sure my muscle percentage has. So my plan is to build up endurance again over the next couple of weeks.

First step is to take control of my diet again. So here comes a couple of weeks of eliminating and cutting calories to reset my body. This should help with bloat weight and sugar addiction. And should also make me cranky - but for a good cause.

Second step is easing back into an exercise routine. While I would love to hit the ground running in beast mode I won't make it too far. I did my first run yesterday and even set myself up for it being easy: week 1/day 1 of C210K which is 60 seconds jogging and 90 seconds of walking. It felt good at first but about half way through I got shin splints. They hurt like a mother. I was able to finish the program but my speed slowed down significantly for the second half. I might try a couple of classes this week: spin on Tuesday and Zumba on Wednesday. But whatever I do it will be at a lower level of intensity for now.

As for being post thyroidectomy, I'm feeling pretty good. I have a small scar which should heal well and blend into an existing line on my neck. I think my thyroid meds are a bit high but I won't be able to get them adjusted for a few more weeks. Until then I can enjoy a higher metabolism (and heart rate and sleepless nights and agitated attitude about everything...).

There were cancerous cells in my removed thyroid so I'll also need to have some follow up appointments to see what the next step is for that - whether it just be monitoring or going through a radiated iodine treatment. But the endocrinologist wants to wait until February to take all my various blood levels. And so I wait. The good news is that the cancer was the normal papillary thyroid cancer in stage 1, meaning it was well encapsulated and hadn't spread to other areas. So it may be that just taking out the thyroid is all I have to do. But we'll see what is said once I see the doctor again in February.

So life goes back to normal - well normal'ish. I was glad for the break but I'm also very glad to get back in a routine again. I'll be even happier in a couple of days when my kids can also go back to school. We all like routine.