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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

May the scale be ever in your favor

Well, that was easy enough.

This morning weigh in had me back at 193 (even) and thus all the Christmas bloat is gone.

Which doesn't mean it won't ever come back but it is nice to see drastic scale movement to help start the motivation again.

But, also, keep in mind that there are still 28 pounds to lose before hitting my actual goal weight.


Or I can think positively - I've lost 44 pounds so I'm almost to the 2/3rd mark of my goal line. Just keep swimming.

If I use my previous "mini-goals" I'm still working on mini-goal #4 (out of 6). This goal was to get me to 183 pounds which would be a 20% loss from my start weight. So I have 10 pounds left to reach that mini-goal and that's my scale focus for now.

I'll sign up for another personal trainer for this semester. I really want to work on targeting certain areas to lose additional inches more than anything else with them. As I look back on my measurements from the past 6 months I lost a lot in my waist but my thigh measurements didn't move really - maybe 1/2 an inch. However, it's difficult to lose inches on your thighs when your trainer loves for you to do squats... So my areas are thighs, hips, and biceps. And the hope is to strengthen the muscle without bulking it up. Surely this is possible...

In other musings - I looked at some races yesterday. I briefly thought it would be fun to spend my 38 birthday doing a 15k. It's one I really enjoyed before. But then I remembered that I don't enjoy running more than 3 minutes at a time right now so why torture myself when I can find better (and more productive) things to do with my time?

I am going to fit C25K training back into my weekly workouts just to get that endurance back up. I did week 3/day 1 yesterday and it was hard. So I'll trust the C25K process and just get back into doing each week until I'm able to run the full 30 minutes again.

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