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Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome 2016

The break is over. I'm now one month after surgery and getting back on track for both diet and exercise. Diet has been a Christmas cookie free for all for the past month but amazingly I didn't gain too much.

My weigh in today (after 30 minutes on the elliptical but with full clothes and shoes on) was 196.6. A few days after surgery I was at 193.2 so I'm ok with the small gain - it could have been so much worse. Now the real issue is that while the scale might not have changed too drastically I'm sure my muscle percentage has. So my plan is to build up endurance again over the next couple of weeks.

First step is to take control of my diet again. So here comes a couple of weeks of eliminating and cutting calories to reset my body. This should help with bloat weight and sugar addiction. And should also make me cranky - but for a good cause.

Second step is easing back into an exercise routine. While I would love to hit the ground running in beast mode I won't make it too far. I did my first run yesterday and even set myself up for it being easy: week 1/day 1 of C210K which is 60 seconds jogging and 90 seconds of walking. It felt good at first but about half way through I got shin splints. They hurt like a mother. I was able to finish the program but my speed slowed down significantly for the second half. I might try a couple of classes this week: spin on Tuesday and Zumba on Wednesday. But whatever I do it will be at a lower level of intensity for now.

As for being post thyroidectomy, I'm feeling pretty good. I have a small scar which should heal well and blend into an existing line on my neck. I think my thyroid meds are a bit high but I won't be able to get them adjusted for a few more weeks. Until then I can enjoy a higher metabolism (and heart rate and sleepless nights and agitated attitude about everything...).

There were cancerous cells in my removed thyroid so I'll also need to have some follow up appointments to see what the next step is for that - whether it just be monitoring or going through a radiated iodine treatment. But the endocrinologist wants to wait until February to take all my various blood levels. And so I wait. The good news is that the cancer was the normal papillary thyroid cancer in stage 1, meaning it was well encapsulated and hadn't spread to other areas. So it may be that just taking out the thyroid is all I have to do. But we'll see what is said once I see the doctor again in February.

So life goes back to normal - well normal'ish. I was glad for the break but I'm also very glad to get back in a routine again. I'll be even happier in a couple of days when my kids can also go back to school. We all like routine.

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