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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Recap

  • Monday - nothing!
  • Tuesday - trainer workout
  • Wednesday - Kettle Fit and Zumba
  • Thursday - was supposed to be spin but it was cancelled and I didn't motivate myself to do anything else
  • Friday - Kettle Fit and about 15 minutes on the treadmill (various speeds)
  • Saturday - elliptical for 30 min, Zumba, and 3 mile interval run
  • Sunday - 3.15 mile interval run
This was a solid week in comparison to the previous couple of weeks. Kettle Fit uses kettle balls but really is set up more as a circuit training class. Each station has its own exercise that you do for one minute and then rotate to the next station. There are usually 6 stations and a mix of arms, legs, and abs exercises. This is the class that's pretty close to what my trainer makes me do in an individual session.

Diet and Weight:
Still fairly rotten. Some days are better than others but overall I'm still giving into temptations and carb overloads. So even though I'm doing better with exercising there isn't any weight change. I've been within the same 7 pounds (193-200) since November. But here's a fun before and after (plus a pic of my new'ish haircut):
June 22, 2015

Feb. 29, 2016

Up Next:
Ignoring the almond croissant I had this morning and the tag-a-longs I'll most likely have tonight, I plan to still up the intensity on the workouts for this next week. I had tried out a yoga class a couple of times but it's right after work on Mondays and that's just a hard time for me to commit to since kids need to be picked up from after school programs, dinner needs to be made, and homework needs to be started. Since Zumba starts a little later in the evening it's actually easier to get to. 
  • Monday: Kettle Fit and 1 mile on the treadmill (various speeds)
  • Tuesday: Personal trainer - I've asked for a track workout, should be hideous
  • Wednesday: Zumba and something else? I can do Kettle Fit again but I may need to switch it up after two days in a row with my trainer.
  • Thursday: Maybe Spin - depends on my schedule. Otherwise probably just elliptical.
  • Friday: Kettle & Cardio
  • Saturday: Zumba and outside run/walk
  • Sunday: Run/Walk
I'm not putting a rest day in this week because I may not get a workout every day next week.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The dreaded question - "what are you listening to these days?"

This week has been pretty decent for exercise and a smidgen better for diet. The husband and I have spent the last several weeks discussing the potential purchase of an elliptical to use at home. Once upon a time I owned a pretty decent treadmill but I put it on Craigslist when we were trying to sell the house - dumb move but I digress.

Anyway, we finally bit the bullet and bought an elliptical from Amazon and it shipped to our house on Saturday. I assembled it Saturday night - it took a good portion of the night and by the time it was done I was so pissed off at the machine and the world in general that I just went to bed.

On Sunday, I spent a good portion of the day feeling slightly nauseated. By the end of the day I was paranoid that I was pregnant. Spent the rest of the week feeling the same - both nauseated and paranoid. But two negative pregnancy tests later I'm feeling much better in that regard. I love babies, and we make the cutest kids in the world, but I'm really not wanting to start all over again now that my two kids are 8 and 10 1/2.

Exercise Update & Shameful Confessions:
So I went 3 days without exercising before meeting my trainer on Tuesday. It was a good session until he asked me what was on my exercise playlist - I had to admit there was an embarrassingly high amount of Britney Spears songs on it.  But while I will never proclaim my playlist as "good" music selections it really works for me and either provides the motivation or laughs to keep going. Laughs are provided with tracks such as this one:

Such a horrific video. But when I'm struggling to finish a section of running this song helps me feel amused rather than focused on dying.

Anyway, I really like my trainer this semester (he called me a beast today which is the way to a fitness girl's heart) but his individual workouts are a lot like his classes. So if I also make it to any of his classes it's like meeting with him 2, 3 times a week. Which is what I ended up doing this week. I also made it to Zumba and plan to run this weekend since the sun will be out again.

Weight Update:
Weight has mostly been maintained. It goes up a pound or two and then comes down again. I'm hovering around the 196 mark right now.

Thyroid Update:
I don't have to do any further treatment on the thyroid cancer stuff at this time. The endo felt my blood work didn't indicate the need for radioactive iodine treatment. I'm happy with that. He also lowered my Synthyroid levels. I had actually swung to being hyperthyroid and I think that contributed to my moodiness and wanting to eat constantly throughout the day. We'll check levels again in a few weeks and I'll probably get another medication drop again. Some day I hope to feel back to my previous self. I'm just happy that I didn't gain 20 lbs from the extra eating recently.

So maybe it's because my meds are getting fixed, or the sun is shining, or I got some good exercise in this week, or because I'm not knocked up - but whatever the reason I'm feeling good about today and about life in general.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Many Girl Scout Cookies Later

Another snow day yesterday. I did exercise - just not as much as I should have to balance out the extra cookies that called to me throughout the day. I'm never going to lose weight...

The first real session with the trainer was on Tuesday this week. It went fairly well in spite of the fact that he made me do a warm up with a jump rope. Stupid jump ropes. I started feeling a bit ill towards the end of the session but I think I might have been battling a bit of a stomach bug and the activity aggravated the condition. 

So for this week's schedule:
  • Monday: yoga
  • Tuesday: personal trainer
  • Wednesday: weights/strength training at home
  • Thursday: spin
  • Friday: Kettle fit
  • Saturday: something at the rec center...
  • Sunday: elliptical or run and weights
I plan to up the cardio over the weekend since the beginning of the week was light on cardio. Unfortunately, it's going to be cold and dreary all weekend so no lovely outside runs. But February can't last forever!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why yes, I'll try another.

I've made it through flu valley and am climbing up the mountain again. A couple of days of Tamiflu can do wonders for a person. By Thursday I was getting tired of just staying in bed so while I was no where up to doing real exercises I at least got some hand weights and did a few arm and leg exercises while laying around in bed. Not much cardio help but at least the muscles were being used.

On Friday I made it (finally) to my initial assessment. These assessments are a waste of time for me since I keep track of my own progress but I go through them anyway. As always I surprised the trainer (who's new - to me) this semester by actually being able to make it through the assessment exercises without keeling over. I think they're used to people in much worse shape. I still vividly remember my very first assessment with a trainer. He made me run a mile (or run as much of a mile as I could). I very much tried not to die at the end.

We skipped the mile run on Friday, I didn't want to break into a coughing fit.

Anyway, this is a very long winded introduction to my cookie image above. My daughter asked to join girl scouts this year so this is our first time selling cookies and me actually buying several different kinds rather than my standard one box of thin mints from some other person's kid. Since I felt the need to sample a couple from every box it was a good thing I was able to run this morning. Five miles of intervals. I did cough a lot but I felt good energy wise and was glad to get outside on such a nice day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice as well before we enter another week of colder temps, rain, and snow. Boo.

I hate winter so much. And spring is my second least favorite because the weather is so fickle and 90% of the time you have temps warmer than 55F then you also have winds at like 20 mph. I'm ready for late April and warm toes and fingers again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So my trainer was a no show last Friday (he put down this Friday accidentally). No biggie until I had to reschedule our appointment again because I got sick over the weekend.

It hit me like a semi-truck on Saturday night and has gotten progressively worse. I thought it was bronchitis but it turns out to be the flu (in spite of getting the flu shot).

So no workouts this week, unless you count hacking your lungs out - which is actually quite a decent ab workout. On the flip side at least my appetite is suppressed so I won't eat myself out of house and home this week while I recuperate.

See you next week.