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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why yes, I'll try another.

I've made it through flu valley and am climbing up the mountain again. A couple of days of Tamiflu can do wonders for a person. By Thursday I was getting tired of just staying in bed so while I was no where up to doing real exercises I at least got some hand weights and did a few arm and leg exercises while laying around in bed. Not much cardio help but at least the muscles were being used.

On Friday I made it (finally) to my initial assessment. These assessments are a waste of time for me since I keep track of my own progress but I go through them anyway. As always I surprised the trainer (who's new - to me) this semester by actually being able to make it through the assessment exercises without keeling over. I think they're used to people in much worse shape. I still vividly remember my very first assessment with a trainer. He made me run a mile (or run as much of a mile as I could). I very much tried not to die at the end.

We skipped the mile run on Friday, I didn't want to break into a coughing fit.

Anyway, this is a very long winded introduction to my cookie image above. My daughter asked to join girl scouts this year so this is our first time selling cookies and me actually buying several different kinds rather than my standard one box of thin mints from some other person's kid. Since I felt the need to sample a couple from every box it was a good thing I was able to run this morning. Five miles of intervals. I did cough a lot but I felt good energy wise and was glad to get outside on such a nice day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice as well before we enter another week of colder temps, rain, and snow. Boo.

I hate winter so much. And spring is my second least favorite because the weather is so fickle and 90% of the time you have temps warmer than 55F then you also have winds at like 20 mph. I'm ready for late April and warm toes and fingers again.

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