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Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday miles - why not...

Maybe this will become a weekly thing - see how I can improve on my 1 mile time.

So I started on the inside track this time around - before Kettle Fit class. I was not thrilled with the thought of being on the treadmill. And honestly, I wasn't planning on trying to improve upon my mile when I first started.

I was just relieved that our normal instructor was going to teach Kettle Fit - more on the sub later. So maybe that perked me up some.

But since I was holding my cell as I went around the laps I decided to use the stop watch feature and mark my laps. I only had time for about 13 minutes worth of a run anyway before class began.

After I got to lap 4 I knew I wanted to try to beat last Friday's time of 9:52. 6.5 laps is a mile so the 9:04 was hit right at the half-way point on the track. It might not be 100% accurate but close enough. After class I pushed myself into doing the second mile (it was tough to convince me mentally) and then further pushed myself into sticking with a 10:00 min/mile pace (I was on the treadmill this time) - that required a lot of effort but I was proud of myself afterwards.

Me on my cool down walking lap.
I felt pretty good through Kettle Fit - except for one ab exercise that I just couldn't do. Mostly because it gave me flash backs of the horror of the previous class where we had a sub.

If you remember, Wednesday was my ramped up day. I started early in the morning with a 2.5 mile interval run, went to Kettle, and then planned to go to Zumba that night (Zumba ended up not happening because of low attendance so I got on my elliptical instead). But on Wednesday, I bounced into Kettle at lunch and saw we had a sub. The first sign it was going to be bad was his overly peppy and enthusiastic attitude. The second sign was when one of the regular attenders came up to the room and was like, "um no - can't make it today, sorry." 

Really, I'm mostly being whiny. It was a good class - just really tough. I don't know that I would regularly attend it if he was the normal instructor - even though it would be good for me in the long run.  But probably my bad attitude is mostly because he made us do burpees at the end.

I did take Thursday off for a rest day - it was much needed after about 10 consecutive days of higher intensity workouts. My plan calls for about 4 miles tomorrow (interval run) - if I can get that in I'll be at 24 miles for the week which is a solid week of running for me. I previously maxed out around 30 miles per week but I had more free time to go for long runs/walks. 

If I need a bright spot to get me through this very gloomy March day it's that my friend and I just got tickets to see Harry Connick Jr in concert this summer. We're kind of fan-girling it over here...

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