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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I can't even...

Another insomnia night.

This is how I appear this morning: dead eyes, no make-up, hair done in a half-ass way, large iced coffee from McD's, and my ugly sweater to keep me warm because my body can't regulate its temperature.

This round of insomnia was definitely not caused by glycogen depletion because I had ice cream for dessert last night. It was also not caused by excessive caffeine intake since I didn't have any caffeine after about 10 a.m. yesterday. But I was awake from 1:30 to 3:30'ish and then had dreams that involved giant spiders invading my bonus room.

6 a.m. sucked this morning.

I did come up with a lovely snack last night.  My own trail mix: raw almonds, wasabi peas, and yogurt raisins.

This was my post-workout snack. Yesterday was "legs" day with my trainer. The session was pretty good - some moments of "ugh - just 30 more seconds until this part is over" and "ack - I shouldn't have done squat presses yesterday if today was going to be leg day."  After our session I got in my 2 miles for the day by doing intervals of 60 seconds run, and 90 seconds walking.  I used the indoor track because it got really warm yesterday afternoon - I'm ready for warm weather but not too excited about it being in the mid-80's in March. But I've lived here long enough to know that we'll most likely have another couple of cold spells before summer comes to stay.

The plan for today is to do the Kettle Fit class, get a couple of miles in (I want to do a slower run again without stopping for a walking break), and then Zumba tonight.

Also, at some point today, I hope to wake up.

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