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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday's workout

I recently found some interesting workouts on Pinterest. One was a run/row cardio workout that I wanted to try out the other day but both rowing machines were being used at the rec center. And then there was a 10 minute ab routine and some different toning options for arms and legs.

Yesterday I pushed my workout back to after work rather than my normal lunch hour because I wanted extra time to do a variety of things. At first I thought I would just do the typical run and weight room but I put together a routine that seemed daunting at first but in the end wasn't too bad. The ab part was the hardest and I could have increased both the meters for the rowing (300 meters took less than 2 minutes to row) and the weights on the barbells for the leg work.

Also, even though I went after work to have more time, I still couldn't get all of this done within an hour. I needed to stop by the store before heading home. So the Abs and final walk were done separately (about 45 minutes after the first part).

The best part of this was that I was excited to work out and try it out. I also got back on a rowing machine for the first time in a few years. I think I'll try to incorporate this more into my cardio routines. And this morning I was back at 193.6. I haven't seen 193 in quite a while - the scale has been hovering mostly between 196-198 since January. Also, according to my measurements my fat percentage has dropped again. So I'm finally seeing the benefits of the past couple of weeks.

Warm Up: walk briskly about ½ a mile

Run/Row Cardio (total 2.5 miles)
.5 mile run then 300 meter row (11 min pace)
.4 mile run then 300 meter row (11 min pace)
.3 mile run then 300 meter row (10 min pace)
.2 mile run then 300 meter row (8.5 min pace)
Run 1 mile (11 min pace)
Walk .1 mile, cool down

17.5# hand weights
Bicep Curls x 10
Shoulder Press x 10
Tricep Kickbacks x 10
(Repeat 3x)

30# barbell
Stiff Legged Deadlifts x 15
Barbell Squats x 15
Lunges x12 (one side each time)
(Repeat 3x)

Bicycle Kicks 30 sec
Elbow Plank 45 sec
Straight Leg Lifts 10 rep
Russian Twists 16 rep
Mountain Climbers 30 sec
Rest 15 sec
Superman Planks 8 rep
Side Plank – Left 45 sec
Windshield Wipers 8 rep
Side Plank – Right 45 sec
Bicycle Kicks 30 sec
Mountain Climbers 30 sec

Extra Mileage

2.3 mile walk

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