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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Then again, maybe I will...

As I was driving to a doctor's appointment yesterday I saw a sign for the ADP Tri-athlon which will be on my campus in mid-April. This is a sprint triathlon: 300 meters swim, 10 miles bike, and 3.14 run (3.14 because it's hosted by Alpha Delta "Pi").  This is a race I wanted to do when I thought about my 2016 goals. But then forgot about because I haven't been swimming - I'm still worried about how my scar from thyroid surgery will do in long water exposure. Also, I still need to buy a road bike. Remember I learned my lesson about using a borrowed mountain bike in my last (and only other) triathlon.

But after seeing the sign I kept thinking, I could do this. My time would be slow but I could finish it - I have enough strength and endurance built up right now.

So this weekend I'm going bike shopping and I'll hit the pool sometime in the next couple of days to test out the scar. If that all goes well then my workouts for the next month will change to build in more pool and bike time.

The swim will be the hardest part, 300 meters is 13 lengths of our indoor campus pool. I think I had previously thought it was 8 or 10 lengths so I'll definitely need to get some lap time in and practice pacing myself so that I can get through the 13 lengths and not feel like dying.

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