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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekly Results 2/29-3/6


  • Monday: Kettle Fit and 1 mile run
  • Tuesday: Personal Trainer: track workout
  • Wednesday: Kettle Fit, 1 mile walk afterward, and Zumba
  • Thursday: Abs class
  • Friday: 2 miles on treadmill and Kettle Fit
  • Saturday: Zumba
  • Sunday: 5.3 mile interval run and 3.5 mile walk
The weekend weather perked up and I wanted to be outside. Saturday was still really windy and as I had indulged in the wine tasting the night before my body was struggling just to do Zumba. There was no motivation to do other exercise that day. But on Sunday I enjoyed being outside so much that I got out again. I did aggravate my ankles/lower shins after all of that but felt fine the next day.

No real change in weight, it fluctuated up and down all week and since Friday night was a fairly heavy alcohol night that basically negated any progress I made. But I had fun.  Nothing under 196 for the week. I probably won't bother with weight updates unless I'm either under 193 or above 200. Otherwise, just assume I'm somewhere in between.

This week:

  • Monday: 3.09 mile walk, 2 elliptical workouts (45 and 30 min), various sculpting exercises
  • Tuesday: 3.25 mile interval run, Ultimate Sculpt Video
  • Wednesday: 2.5 mile interval run, Kettle Fit, and Zumba
  • Thursday: Rest day?
  • Friday: Kettle Fit and run
  • Saturday: Zumba and run? - I'll figure it out later
  • Sunday: ? - up in the air right now, will depend on weather.
No personal trainer this week since it's spring break at the university. But I'm doing well on my own and I'll see him twice for the Kettle Fit classes anyway. I'm trying to put together a mileage goal for the month of March. It's still not continuous running, most are done with the C210K intervals. I'm doing better with the intervals but still skittish about planning any kind of races for this spring or summer. For instance, I would LOVE to do the RC Cola/Moon Pie Festival 10 mile run again but that's a brutal race (heat and hills) and I don't think I would want to do it if it took me more than 2 hours. When I ran it before  (2010 I think?) I was in fairly good running shape (for me) and I did well to finish right at 2 hours. But I am thinking about races and looking at what's available.

I've been pretty good with diet so far this week but I'm always one bag of chips away from falling off the band wagon we won't call it a good week until the week is over.

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