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Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekly Review 3/14-3/20

  • Monday: 2 mile run, weight room, 2+ mile walk
  • Tuesday: Personal trainer (legs day) and 2 mile intervals
  • Wednesday: 2 mile run, Kettle Fit, and Zumba
  • Thursday: 3/4 mile run, Spin, and 2.5 mile walk
  • Friday: Kettle Fit and 1 mile interval (but more walk than run)
  • Saturday: 3.5 mile interval (mostly run a few minutes walking overall)
  • Sunday: 2 mile interval and 1.6 mile walk
Mileage: 18.61
Total Calories Burned: 5356 (avg 765/day)

I didn't do a mile test on Friday because I didn't have enough time to fit it in before Kettle and my body was beat after Kettle. It really was pushing myself just to get a slow mile (13.5 minutes) around the indoor track afterwards. Also, I never got a test swim in this weekend because they had the pool closed for a swim meet on Saturday and I couldn't make it over there on Sunday. I had hoped to get to 20+ miles for the week but really I think I did enough since I ran and/or walked everyday.

Diet and Weight
For the first time in a while, I logged all of my food and I'm meticulously tracking again. It mostly helped me to make better choices but I went on a bit of a sugar binge on Sunday. I am eating higher calories but then again I'm exercising more too. Weight was going down through the week which helps keep the momentum going. If I chart my weight from Monday to Monday I lost almost 3 lbs for the week. However, this amount is still within my "ping-pong" range so I'm just keeping an optimistic eye on it.

This Week
  • Monday - 2.5 mile run, weight room, and 2.5 mile walk
  • Tuesday - Personal Trainer and 2.5 mile walk
  • Wednesday - 2 miles, Kettle Fit, and Zumba
  • Thursday - Spin and 2.5 mile walk
  • Friday - Kettle Fit, mile test, plus mile regular run
  • Saturday - 5 mile intervals and Ult Sculpt
  • Sunday - rest day
I'll get at least one swim in sometime this week. I'll just have to see which day works best.  Next week (after Easter) we're going on a family vacation so food and exercise will be a crap shoot.

I did go bike shopping on Saturday and found a nice used road bike but it was more expensive than what I hoped to spend (about $1000). However, I'll probably get it as it would be better to get a decent bike from a reputable source. As a result of ME bike shopping though my daughter was also anxious to get her own bike (she's had to deal with hand-me-downs from her brother). But she still hadn't learned how to ride without training wheels so I made that a condition. After 30 minutes with her dad she figured it out. We also realized that the bike we had for the kids was way too small so they both got new ones and spent as much time as they could working on improving their skills. Both need work on starting off on the bike with their own power but we're getting closer to being a bike riding family.

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