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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into

Today was the last day to register for the 10 mile race in June before the price went up (only by $5 but I'm cheap like that). I first waited to see how my 6 mile long run would go.

I waited out the rain this morning and was excited to get out to the Battlefield again - I love running right after a rain storm (as long as it's not gross humid out).

It was cloudy for almost the whole run and the temps were good. I saw some lovely birds and generally felt happy to be out running and thankful for good health and body.

Another successful 4:1 run. This keeps me a bit slower but I am really consistent with my pace and never have to go too long without a break so my spirits stay up as well. My overall pace again was around 11:10 for the run, finishing right at 67 minutes. I was able to make up some time on the last mile because a good portion of it is generally going downhill.

And so I registered for the 10 miler. I'm hesitant to be excited not because I don't think I can do it. I know I can finish it under 2.5 hours (the time limit) and with proper training I'll probably finish it at least as fast, if not a bit faster, than the last time I ran it. It's just that I start to dread running when I'm on a training plan because I'm no longer running just what feels good but pushing myself at certain times. And while I'm always proud of myself for finishing (such as speed work this week which was all kinds of awful but I finished and I did it well) I don't look forward to these sessions.

But I only have myself to blame - no one is forcing me into signing up for races after all. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Yesterday ended up being a bit weird for food intake. I knew calorie wise I was ok but it definitely didn't get to the macro % that I aim for. So while there has been improvement on the scale over the past couple of days I didn't expect a change when weighing in this morning.

But me of little faith had a pleasant surprise.


This puts me beyond my 189 goal, which was mini-goal #4 (I think), which represents 20% of total body weight lost since I started last June. And now I'm only 1.8 pounds away from losing a total of 50 pounds since June. Body fat (according to measurements) is at 30.56% and I want to be under 28% eventually. Once I'm to that % I'll probably focus more on body fat than weight on the scale.

I have forgotten what my next mini goal is. I think somewhere between 175 and 180 maybe - my final scale goal is 165. It took so long to get through the 190's (so much bouncing back and forth) that I'm not setting any kind of timeline to get to the next mini-goal. It's just that I keep tracking and exercising and moving forward.

But here are two pictures (from last year to this year) which best illustrate the change:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Second Long Run

As mentioned in yesterday's results post, I really wasn't looking forward to my long run on Saturday. I almost didn't do it - or rather I had thought about postponing it to Sunday. But I did eventually get my rear in gear and after dropping off my son at something he had to do that morning I got out to the greenway for my run. It was in the high 60's at that point with a good breeze and still pretty low humidity so the weather was fantastic.

I did the same "run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute" plan that I had worked out the previous week. I really like this plan. There was only one point where I deviated from it and ran 5 minutes and then walked 1 but that was so I could take advantage of running DOWN a hill and picking up my pace just a bit. I made up for it by only running 3 minutes for the next interval. For the last mile I only did one walking break since I knew I was very close to the end.


  1. 11:09
  2. 11:00
  3. 11:28
  4. 11:35
  5. 10:36
Total: 55:48 (compared to 58:13 last week)

Miles 3 and 4 felt harder and you can see that I did slow down a bit. And while I was still very thankful that the long run was only 5 miles I'm feeling more confident in trying to run the 10 mile race in June. If I can get this close to a 11 m/m pace right now I should be able to complete the goal pace of 12 m/m for the race (I'm adding more time since it will be much hotter and humid). It's just a matter of staying on track for my training - something I've never done before a longer race. In the past I've been very inconsistent with training before anything longer than a 10k.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekly Results: 4/18-4/24


  • Monday: 3.8 mile interval run and Ultimate Sculpt
  • Tuesday: 2 mile speed work and personal trainer
  • Wednesday: 1.25 mile run, Kettle and Zumba
  • Thursday: 1 mile run, Spin, and 30 min on elliptical
  • Friday: Kettle, 2 mile run
  • Saturday: 5.5 mile long run (11:13 pace)
  • Sunday: 4 mile interval run, 2 mile walk
Miles: 15.55 miles
Calorie Burn: 5831/week, 833 daily average

The running plan is going well. I couldn't get my mid-week longer run in last week so that mileage is divided across a couple of different days. I was worried about Saturday's long run because my legs had felt so tired the day before and I wasn't all that thrilled about running Saturday morning. But my pace was quicker than last week's and I felt pretty good with the 4:1 intervals over the 5 miles. Still looking good for signing up for the 10 mile race this summer.

Diet and Weight
I don't know what weight I should start off with for the week. As of Saturday morning last week I was at 191 but by Monday morning I think it was back at 194 something and then down to 193 something by Tuesday/Wednesday. I weighed in this morning at 191.8 so the week ended better than it began. My average daily calories were about 1900 for the week with average carbs per day at 205. I'm still working on trying to find that right macro balance but I think I have decided that the best I can do is try to get +/- 3% for each zone.  For instance, today's meal plan (Monday 4/25) so far is at 28% fat, 42% carbs, and 30% protein. So the fat and carbs aren't quite the 30% and 40% but I feel it's close enough. It feels a bit too stressful to try and get to those exact % points. If I'm eating good things than the +/- 3% points is fine.

This Week
  • Monday: Kettle and Elliptical
  • Tuesday: Personal Trainer and 2 mile Speed Work
  • Wednesday: 4 mile tempo run and Zumba
  • Thursday: Spin and ab work
  • Friday: Kettle and elliptical
  • Saturday: 6 mile long run
  • Sunday: 4 mile interval run

Friday, April 22, 2016

Diet Plan Revisions

So the first few days of being on a new macro plan went spectacularly well. I started the plan at 193.7, the 2nd day I was at 193, the 3rd day I was at 192, and the 4th day I was at 191. Quite a jump for eating a large amount of calories and carbs.

I was super excited. A life with carbs again?!? Feeling full and starchy - bliss. But I was also leery.

Friday night I even planned my meal tracking to accommodate an evening meal from Moe's Southwest Grill and not feel guilty about the chips. The next day I was still at 191 even. No biggie. I knew I wasn't going to lose a pound every day and if 191 was my ending weight for the week it was still a really good week.

But the weekend was hard, meal planning was hard. It was ridiculously hard to find 250+ grams of carbs and 105 grams of protein but not go over in fats. I stress ate some and of course wasn't surprise to see an immediate gain.

So one would think - well this isn't the diet's fault, it's your's since you didn't stay on track.

But the plan never felt right to me, even when I was losing. I was afraid I was losing too fast. When it all came back after eating a couple hundred extra calories I knew it wasn't real weight loss. And I didn't WANT that many carbs. I was having to eat things just for the sake of trying to meet numbers and I didn't want to eat, I wasn't hungry.

At first I thought, well I'll just adjust the carbs. I'll lower them and then be able to increase the fat/protein. I went back to the original site and put in my same info again. It gave me COMPLETELY different results and recommendations. Weird. I did it a third time, significantly different results AGAIN. So now I was mad and distrustful even more. I gave it a couple more days of staying fully on track and gained even more weight.

So ignore my previous posts recommending a certain site (in fact I've edited it out). I'm not giving up on a "macro" diet but I have really adjusted it and found a new site for calculations. It will still be around the same amount of calories - because I do need more calories for the amount I'm exercising, but way less carbs (though still a reasonable amount to support the cardio I do). The hard part will be getting enough protein. One can only eat so much cottage cheese, chicken, and egg whites in a day. The percentages I'm currently aiming for are Carbs: 40%, Protein: 30%, and Fat: 30%. This is the same as the Zone diet apparently. We'll see how it goes, there may still need to be adjustments as I continue down this road.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Running Notes

Last Wednesday's Tempo Run
The prep: I went into this one a little nervous and dreading it. It's been so long since I've done a consistent run for more than 2 miles (as compared to interval runs). My plan was to go 4 miles by starting with a 5 minute warm up walk and then 10 minutes running with a 1 minute rest until I got to my 4 miles. I really wanted to try a 11:00 m/m pace. I mapped out an outside route since I need to start getting used to those conditions.

The actual: The weather was better than I expected. I did this run at the end of my workday, taking lunch at the end so I didn't have to worry about how sweaty and gross I became. The predictions were for the low 70's which is quite warmer than the previous outside runs that have peaked in the 50's. But it was just in the high 60's with good cloud cover once I got out there.

I started off great and had to come to a stop at a red light. No biggie - I'm not the type that keeps jogging at a red light. I didn't stop my tracking app at that light and I reached the 1 mile mark just a little past the light at 13:24. So I knew my running pace was a bit fast if that 13:24 counted the walk at the beginning plus the stop at the light. Looking at my stats later I saw that my pace started at 10-11 m/m then shot up to 9-9.5 m/m right before and after the light.  So of course I got tired. Mile 2 to 3 felt pretty difficult and looking at my paces afterwards I was still going too fast (even though at that point I was trying to purposefully slow down).  I couldn't go a full 10 minutes without a quick walking break but I didn't beat myself up about it because I already knew I was going too fast (based on my mile 2 split) and this was just the first time this season I was experimenting with this. It felt a little worrisome when thinking ahead to a 10 mile run but it was a great test run because now I know I'm going to have to either work on my pacing or plan an interval run (like 4:1 or something like that) for the 10 miles.

Saturday's Run
So this was my first "long run" without it being a C25K interval type of run. I did do intervals but at the 4:1 pace as mentioned above. I got out a little later in the morning than I had originally planned so it was warmer already but not hot and it's probably good just to get myself used to running in the 70's since it most likely will be in the 80's for the race. At least it wasn't humid that day and there was a nice breeze blowing as well.

I went out to one of our local Civil War battlefields. It's a great park to run in and is used quite a bit by the local running and biking community. If you take the main loop around the park, the loop itself is about 2 miles. There are some side trails/paths you can use as well to lengthen the distance. I plotted out the 5 mile path so that I did the loop twice along with going up and down one of the side roads which was mostly shaded and completely flat (a nice benefit because the loop has a couple of good long gentle hills - at least what we call "hills" for this area).

Another great benefit of the park are excellent bathrooms rather than suffering through a port-a-potty or other nasty public park bathroom.

I forced myself to stay slow and I kept an eye on my watch so that I would stay on my 4:1 plan. I didn't do any walking warm-up so that I could better know my pace at each mile. Even when I was passed by a couple of college kids at the beginning I kept my pace steady. I did miss the first 4 minute mark on my watch but realized it at 4:30 and took my minute walk at that point. I got to the first mile right around 11:35 and was very pleased. I felt great as well so I knew the pace would work well for going the longer distance.

Somewhere along this point I swear I passed Kevin Nealon coming the opposite way on the path. But since he doesn't appear to be anywhere near Tennessee (at least according to a quick Twitter search) he must have a doppelgänger here.

I kept up with Kevin's twin (and his running partner) through the first loop and felt pretty proud about running the same pace as Kevin Nealon.

I hit mile two just shy of the 24 minute mark so I panicked a bit and went further before having a walking break. Mile 3 's pace was better and by mile 4 I knew I could keep my overall pace below a 12 m/m. After all, there was only a mile left. :) I finished at 58:13 and still felt pretty good. Tired of course but not dying. So good stuff all around.

This week: Interval Run and Second Round of Speed Work
The original plan was to do an interval run on Sunday of 3.5 miles. This didn't happen but I did do a 3.8 mile interval run on Monday which was fine.

The second round of speed work was on Tuesday of this week and it was great - well as great as speed work can be. I decided to do it on the treadmill to control the speed. This was still just a 2 mile overall run. I went a 1/2 mile at a 10:00 m/m pace and then did 1/5th of a mile at a 7:30 m/m pace and then 1/10 of a mile walking. This was repeated 4 times and then for the final quarter mile I slowed down to a 8:34 pace. There was .05 left to walk to cool down.

We still have yet to see what a hot and humid outside long run will feel like but the time is coming soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amusing sweat marks

I have a real blog post that's half written but not finished and I have things that need to be changed on it so it will have to be dealt with later.

Until then, just a quick post to say I'm still here. Still training. Still meal planning and tracking. I have thoughts about the meal planning that need to be shared but they're still being formulated.

Many of these thoughts are because I went down to 191 and then back up to 194 (and a bit down again). I thought I would have better news this week. It's annoying to think you found a magic diet bullet and then have that bullet misfire. I'm still waiting to see how this rollercoaster ends.

But for now I don't have time to ponder it too much. Lots of things happened this past week. Some good (my birthday!), some bad (my son got a concussion from a bike accident - but he's doing ok now). I'll get around to posting more later.

The bright spot of my day today was seeing my sweat outline on the mirror after wall squats. It was glorious and shapely. And gross because ewww sweat.

But a quick review of last week:

  • Monday - Kettle and Run/Row intervals
  • Tuesday - 2 mile speed work and ab work
  • Wednesday - 3.75 mile run and Zumba
  • Thursday - Spin, elliptical, and weights
  • Friday - Elliptical and walking back and forth across campus a few times
  • Saturday - 5 mile run
  • Sunday - I cannot remember. I'm pretty sure I did something but it might have been just a quick routine of some sort...
This week's plan:
  • Monday - 3.8 interval run and Ultimate Sculpt video
  • Tuesday - yard work, 2 mile speed work, and training session
  • Wednesday - 1 mile run, Kettle Fit, and Zumba
  • Thursday - 3.5 mile run and spin
  • Friday - Kettle and elliptical
  • Saturday - 5 mile run
  • Sunday - something easy for an active rest day

Friday, April 15, 2016

10 week running plan

As mentioned before, I now have a 10 week running plan mapped out in preparation of running the RC Cola Moon Pie 10 Mile in mid-June. We all know that I haven't wandered into long distance runs for a while now so this is an ambitious plan even if I'm ready for it strength wise. I patterned my 10 week plan after a Hal Higdon Half Marathon 12 week novice plan and just cut out the first two weeks since I know I can already complete the distances needed for those weeks.

With this plan I'll run 4 times a week and will be using this pattern:

  • Sunday: mid-distance interval runs (3.5-5 m)
  • Tuesday: speed work (2-3 m)
  • Wednesday: mid-distance tempo runs (3.5-5 m)
  • Saturday: long easy runs (5-10 m)
I've spent some time figuring out the speed work. I made up the plan based on what I know I can do right now and where I want to see myself at the end of 10 weeks. There's probably better versions of speed work but for now I think this will work well for me. I also plan to do all speed work on the inside track. Outdoor speed work is awful once the heat and humidity builds up. And while suffering through that might make me a better runner it also vastly increases the odds that I'll quit or at least skip speed work days.

I did my first speed work day on Tuesday this week. The plan was to warm up for 3 laps at a 10 m/m pace, recover 1 lap, and then do 2 laps at a 8:30 m/m with a 1 lap recovery walk (repeat 2 fast/1slow for 3 times = total of 2 miles).

The first three laps were pretty close to the 10 m/m pace. I might have gone a few seconds over but  it was close enough. Then I jumped into the speed laps and found that my 8:30 m/m pace needed to be adjusted for future weeks. Here were my lap times (the 8:30 pace would have equaled 1:18 per lap):
  1. 1:09 (7:30 m/m pace)
  2. 1:12
  3. 1:10
  4. 1:14 (8:00 m/m pace)
  5. 1:12
  6. 1:17
I was very thankful for recovery laps. Very, very thankful.

Next week I'll aim for the 8:00 m/m pace for each fast lap which should be easy enough (ha). But after that I'm increasing the pace to 7:30 m/m each fast lap. After 4 weeks I bump up to a total of 3 miles so the routine will be adjusted. At that point I'll probably test my mile run time again.

My end goal is to be able to run the 10 mile race with a 12:00 m/m pace. I know that's really slow but this race is hilly, humid, and hot and since I don't run long distances right now the 12:00 pace is most realistic.  So while speed work is challenging for me the real test is how I do on my long runs which will be done outside to help prepare me for the elements. I don't care about my time as much as how the race feels overall. I want to feel good about it like I did in 2010 and if that means 12 m/m then so be it.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

First day of the new diet plan

**After a week or so of this diet I did some major changes. I'm keeping the post but have changed the intake.**

One thing about going for macros rather than just calories is that you have to be far more systematic with your meal planning. Also, you have to stop by the store and get chicken breasts because they're going to factor far more into your daily diet.

In my last post I mentioned how the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) site gave me the following percentages for macros: Protein = 23%, Fat = 22%, and Carbs = 55%. When calculated into the suggested daily calories of 1872 that gives me the following grams: Protein = 105, Fat = 46, and Carbs = 259(!).

1 c almond milk, 1/2 c froz. berries, 1 scoop 
Good golly, so many delicious carbs! Keep in mind that I'm allowed these percentages/grams because of my exercise activity.

I started immediately Tuesday afternoon/night with increasing my calories and trying to get as close as I could to those percentages. It wasn't going to be perfect since I could only change anything I ate after 3 p.m. I ended up feeling absolutely stuffed from a bigger dinner and a protein/fruit shake dessert. But I didn't feel guilty because I ate everything according to the plan. The shake was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of protein powder in general but this one was on sale so I got it along with the chicken breasts...

I thought, it would probably be good not to weigh myself for the next few days because I might initially see an increase once I add more calories and I don't want to lose motivation to do this. But then curiosity got the better of the cat and I did weigh myself Wednesday morning, you know - just to see. And I did lose in spite of feeling stuffed the previous night; .6 of a pound (previously I went down from 194.8 on Monday morning back to 193.6 on Tuesday morning). So I'm officially starting this plan right at 193 even.

Here's everything I get to eat on my first day - it feels like SO MUCH FOOD. But once again, it's all approved. I've underlined what is new in this daily intake compared to my previous plan.

Breakfast: oatmeal with yogurt, egg whites, sandwich style turkey slices, and normal coffee with cream (non-fat, no flavor/sugar)
Snack 1: hummus, celery, and an apple
Lunch: salad with red bell pepper, cucumber, chicken, wasabi peas, and reduced fat ranch dressing
Snack 2: cottage cheese (2%) and a banana
Dinner: a crock-pot lamb recipe (lamb chops, potato, tomatoes, and chick peas plus lots of spices) and half a piece of garlic na'an
Dessert: Multigrain Cheerios with almond milk (I get unsweetened almond milk)

And here's how it turns out nutrition wise:
I use MyFoodDiary.com to track my food and get these pretty reports.

High in sodium and higher in cholesterol than I normally go (but not bad) and a bit high in iron but otherwise everything is in happy zones and meeting the percentages IIFYM gave me. At first I thought I had room for a glass of wine but I had to update the nutrition info for the crock pot lamb and it ended up using more carbs than a previous version I had done. But I can factor in wine or ice cream or fries as long as it balances out with the remainder of the day.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes. But mentally, I'm so much more excited because I can see food as a treat rather than bad calories and I don't have to feel like I'm starving all day long and desperately trying to avoid the candy drawer. So already this is feeling like a win.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Taking the "macro" leap of faith

So I saw some good changes on the scale when I started to seriously track my food intake again. But I'm still wondering if I'm on the right track.

I have this ingrained paranoia that I have to keep my calorie intake around 1300, or less, even on days I exercise hard. But with everything I've ever read or learned about nutrition and fitness, I've been told that I'm actually setting myself up for failure with this approach. I also have personal experience with increasing my calories and seeing a weight loss after a plateau so I should know better.

I'm at the point right now where I've been on a plateau for 4 months. Some of it is definitely because of time off from exercising and too many calories but I'm beginning to think that some is from not enough, or at least not the right kind of, calories.

As I think about what I'm going to do next, I know that I want to incorporate more weights into my routines. I've done well this semester with increasing my strength training but I can do more. While I'm not going to go leap into Cross Fit or anything I would like to be more systematic with my routines. Also, on the diet front, I know counting macros is really big for those who weight train.

Recently, I found a website: (liftingmyspirits) and was reading through some of her posts. I found this one particularly interesting: How to Set Your Macros. Within it there's a link to (Edit: a site I no longer recommend - see future posts) which has a free calculator to help determine calorie needs and macro percentages. Now, MyFoodDiary.com also gives me these calculations but I was curious to see how closely they matched up to other recommendations. The new site asked for a decent amount of information and gave me the following recommendations (based on my age, current weight/height, body fat %, daily activity level, and exercise).
  • Overall Calorie Intake: 1872
  • Macros: Fat = 22%, Protein = 23%, and Carbs = 55% (this of course, ending up being absurd)
  • Fiber: 29-39 grams
In comparison, MyFoodDiary.com recommends the following:

  • Overall Calorie Intake: 1200 minimum (any exercise allows more calories)
  • Macros: Fat = 20-35%, Protein = 10-35%, and Carbs = 45-65%
  • Fiber: 14 grams per 1000 calories
So, while I already have these recommendations and can plan my food accordingly, I usually focus more on just the carbs and calories than anything else. 

So kind of starting today (but really tomorrow) I'm going to do 14 days of the new macro plan. If I can lose 1-2 pounds during this time I'll call it a success and continue. If I'm still stalling I'll probably give it more time. If I gain, then we know this plan won't work.

But upcoming changes won't just be weights and diet. I'm still contemplating the 10-mile run in June and have set up a running/cross training plan for the next 10 weeks. I'm going to give it a couple of weeks and see how I feel and then make the final decision about the race. In any case, I was really happy that the macro plan allows a decent amount of carbs because I'm going to need them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why my brain can't be trusted.

After Friday's one mile run of 8:51, I started thinking of what I needed to do to get it down to 8:45 or so. I knew I would probably need to get on the treadmill to control the speed a bit more. But for the life of me I couldn't remember the paces for the different speeds. I know a 5.0 is a 12:00 m/m and a 6.0 is a 10:00 m/m and I knew somewhere after that was the 8:34 m/m but I couldn't remember what that speed was.

So I looked it up this Monday morning as I was trying to decide on my cardio plan and was shocked to see that I was running close to a 7.0 speed on the track already:

This website/chart states that a 0% incline on a 7.0 speed is the same as a 8:56 mile on the road. While I think it's certainly debatable to call the indoor track the same as "the road" it's still fairly close.

My brain was sure I couldn't run a whole mile a 7.0 speed yet. Shut up brain.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Results: April 4-10


  • Monday: nothing (still in vacation mode)
  • Tuesday: personal trainer - cardio day
  • Wednesday: 2.5 mile run and abs
  • Thursday: run/row (2.5 miles)
  • Friday: Kettle Fit and 2 mile run
  • Saturday: Zumba and weights (arms/legs)
  • Sunday: yoga and elliptical (30 min)
Total Miles: just 8 total since I didn't fit in any longer runs on the weekend.

The total calorie burn was lower this week but since I had taken a week and a half off I felt every single exercise far more. I'm definitely feeling the 2nd day DOMS from Saturday's weight lifting.

I did pretty good on diet this week. Sunday night ended up being a "end of day" carb rush but still, in the overall picture, it was fine. On my last post I was at 193.6 and I stayed there for 2 days but was up a little more this morning (194.8). Probably because that 193.6 was somewhat accomplished by some water loss. I did my exasperated eye roll at the scale and am moving on - I knew it was too much to ask to get to 192 for this weigh in.

This week's schedule:
  • Monday: some version of weights and cardio
  • Tuesday: personal trainer - plus 2 interval miles if I'm not dead
  • Wednesday: Kettle Fit, 2 mile run, and Zumba
  • Thursday: spin & Ult Sculpt video at home
  • Friday: Kettle Fit and 2 mile run
  • Saturday: Zumba & 5 mile intervals (weather permitting)
  • Sunday: 4 mile intervals

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Friday Mile

The stars aligned so that I had time and energy to do another test run of beating my 1 mile time (last time it was 9:03). The last 10th of the mile was pretty painful for me but I'm pleased with the results. Especially considering the time off of running for the past several days. Then it was off to Kettle Fit, another slower mile (around 10:15), and back to my office where I just wanted to take a nap.

My stomach rebelled on me that afternoon however and I hoped and prayed I wasn't coming down with a stomach virus. Thankfully, I seemed to have avoided the virus and benefitted from a low water weight weigh-in this morning.

Back to 193.6. New Orleans, you never happened.

Saturday morning was Zumba and then I was going to hit the pool but two things happened 1) my swim goggles weren't in my bag (they were used in NOLA), and 2) the pool was closed to the public anyway because of another swim meet. So it's probably a good thing that I'm not trying the triathlon next weekend since pool time keeps getting blocked. We have a fantastic indoor pool at the rec center but getting into it during open swim really conflicts with my work and personal schedule. Maybe this summer I can get there more when things are more flexible.

I'm doing well with diet and exercise now that I've gotten over my vacation laziness. I'm eager to see if I can get to 192 for Monday's "official" weigh in but there's still quite a bit of weekend to get through....

Friday, April 8, 2016

Up again and down again

It took a little bit to get out of vacation mode. Last weekend I didn't exercise and still ate anything and everything I wanted. My brain was in a place that convinced me that I never wanted to exercise again - even though I really do actually enjoy it.

I skipped any workouts on Monday as well but I had to meet with my trainer on Tuesday and knew that would help me break out of the lazy mind frame.

I had a sinus headache when I went to meet him and generally felt like cursing at any exercise he gave me. But it did get me out of my funk.

I left for vacation weighing in at 193.2 and at one point post vacation it had bumped up to 197 something. After getting back on track this week I'm currently at 194.2. So a one pound gain isn't too bad considering the amount of food and drink I consumed.

This week's exercises have mostly been cardio so I'm not back in full beast mode but I hope to get to Kettle Fit today which always includes weights. Wednesday was running and some core exercises. Thursday's workout was the row/run routine I found a couple weeks back and I think I found a good length for rowing (500 meters instead of 300).

So that's it for now, just wanted to pop by and verify that I have gotten back on the wagon again.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Vacation mode

I went on vacation with my family from Sunday to Thursday this past week. I haven't been able to get out of vacation mode yet with either diet or exercise.

But I'll get there - eventually.

I had grand plans of exercising at the hotel gym but I never did find out where they kept it (not that I looked too hard). There was a lot of walking but not quite enough to balance the calories of drink and food. But I didn't really think twice about it. Life isn't just about counting calories.

As much as I would love to do the sprint triathlon later this month it just isn't going to work out. Budget wise it's not the time to buy a good bike and schedule wise I just don't have enough time to get in the workouts/prep I would want to do even if I had the bike. But I will get to another triathlon at some point soon.

I did sign up for a 5k this summer and I keep wondering about the RC Cola/Moonpie 10 mile race that should be sometime in June. This is a difficult race because 1) the mileage, 2) the hills, and 3) the hot/humid weather. But as I reflect on previous races I've ran, it was one of my favorite. I would have to accept that it would take me more than 2 hours (which was my previous time) but I have to do it within 2.5 hours which is the time limit. And I would have to see how I felt doing longer mileage in the hot weather. So I'm keeping it in the back of my mind for now.