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Friday, April 22, 2016

Diet Plan Revisions

So the first few days of being on a new macro plan went spectacularly well. I started the plan at 193.7, the 2nd day I was at 193, the 3rd day I was at 192, and the 4th day I was at 191. Quite a jump for eating a large amount of calories and carbs.

I was super excited. A life with carbs again?!? Feeling full and starchy - bliss. But I was also leery.

Friday night I even planned my meal tracking to accommodate an evening meal from Moe's Southwest Grill and not feel guilty about the chips. The next day I was still at 191 even. No biggie. I knew I wasn't going to lose a pound every day and if 191 was my ending weight for the week it was still a really good week.

But the weekend was hard, meal planning was hard. It was ridiculously hard to find 250+ grams of carbs and 105 grams of protein but not go over in fats. I stress ate some and of course wasn't surprise to see an immediate gain.

So one would think - well this isn't the diet's fault, it's your's since you didn't stay on track.

But the plan never felt right to me, even when I was losing. I was afraid I was losing too fast. When it all came back after eating a couple hundred extra calories I knew it wasn't real weight loss. And I didn't WANT that many carbs. I was having to eat things just for the sake of trying to meet numbers and I didn't want to eat, I wasn't hungry.

At first I thought, well I'll just adjust the carbs. I'll lower them and then be able to increase the fat/protein. I went back to the original site and put in my same info again. It gave me COMPLETELY different results and recommendations. Weird. I did it a third time, significantly different results AGAIN. So now I was mad and distrustful even more. I gave it a couple more days of staying fully on track and gained even more weight.

So ignore my previous posts recommending a certain site (in fact I've edited it out). I'm not giving up on a "macro" diet but I have really adjusted it and found a new site for calculations. It will still be around the same amount of calories - because I do need more calories for the amount I'm exercising, but way less carbs (though still a reasonable amount to support the cardio I do). The hard part will be getting enough protein. One can only eat so much cottage cheese, chicken, and egg whites in a day. The percentages I'm currently aiming for are Carbs: 40%, Protein: 30%, and Fat: 30%. This is the same as the Zone diet apparently. We'll see how it goes, there may still need to be adjustments as I continue down this road.

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