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Thursday, April 14, 2016

First day of the new diet plan

**After a week or so of this diet I did some major changes. I'm keeping the post but have changed the intake.**

One thing about going for macros rather than just calories is that you have to be far more systematic with your meal planning. Also, you have to stop by the store and get chicken breasts because they're going to factor far more into your daily diet.

In my last post I mentioned how the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) site gave me the following percentages for macros: Protein = 23%, Fat = 22%, and Carbs = 55%. When calculated into the suggested daily calories of 1872 that gives me the following grams: Protein = 105, Fat = 46, and Carbs = 259(!).

1 c almond milk, 1/2 c froz. berries, 1 scoop 
Good golly, so many delicious carbs! Keep in mind that I'm allowed these percentages/grams because of my exercise activity.

I started immediately Tuesday afternoon/night with increasing my calories and trying to get as close as I could to those percentages. It wasn't going to be perfect since I could only change anything I ate after 3 p.m. I ended up feeling absolutely stuffed from a bigger dinner and a protein/fruit shake dessert. But I didn't feel guilty because I ate everything according to the plan. The shake was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of protein powder in general but this one was on sale so I got it along with the chicken breasts...

I thought, it would probably be good not to weigh myself for the next few days because I might initially see an increase once I add more calories and I don't want to lose motivation to do this. But then curiosity got the better of the cat and I did weigh myself Wednesday morning, you know - just to see. And I did lose in spite of feeling stuffed the previous night; .6 of a pound (previously I went down from 194.8 on Monday morning back to 193.6 on Tuesday morning). So I'm officially starting this plan right at 193 even.

Here's everything I get to eat on my first day - it feels like SO MUCH FOOD. But once again, it's all approved. I've underlined what is new in this daily intake compared to my previous plan.

Breakfast: oatmeal with yogurt, egg whites, sandwich style turkey slices, and normal coffee with cream (non-fat, no flavor/sugar)
Snack 1: hummus, celery, and an apple
Lunch: salad with red bell pepper, cucumber, chicken, wasabi peas, and reduced fat ranch dressing
Snack 2: cottage cheese (2%) and a banana
Dinner: a crock-pot lamb recipe (lamb chops, potato, tomatoes, and chick peas plus lots of spices) and half a piece of garlic na'an
Dessert: Multigrain Cheerios with almond milk (I get unsweetened almond milk)

And here's how it turns out nutrition wise:
I use MyFoodDiary.com to track my food and get these pretty reports.

High in sodium and higher in cholesterol than I normally go (but not bad) and a bit high in iron but otherwise everything is in happy zones and meeting the percentages IIFYM gave me. At first I thought I had room for a glass of wine but I had to update the nutrition info for the crock pot lamb and it ended up using more carbs than a previous version I had done. But I can factor in wine or ice cream or fries as long as it balances out with the remainder of the day.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes. But mentally, I'm so much more excited because I can see food as a treat rather than bad calories and I don't have to feel like I'm starving all day long and desperately trying to avoid the candy drawer. So already this is feeling like a win.

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