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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Friday Mile

The stars aligned so that I had time and energy to do another test run of beating my 1 mile time (last time it was 9:03). The last 10th of the mile was pretty painful for me but I'm pleased with the results. Especially considering the time off of running for the past several days. Then it was off to Kettle Fit, another slower mile (around 10:15), and back to my office where I just wanted to take a nap.

My stomach rebelled on me that afternoon however and I hoped and prayed I wasn't coming down with a stomach virus. Thankfully, I seemed to have avoided the virus and benefitted from a low water weight weigh-in this morning.

Back to 193.6. New Orleans, you never happened.

Saturday morning was Zumba and then I was going to hit the pool but two things happened 1) my swim goggles weren't in my bag (they were used in NOLA), and 2) the pool was closed to the public anyway because of another swim meet. So it's probably a good thing that I'm not trying the triathlon next weekend since pool time keeps getting blocked. We have a fantastic indoor pool at the rec center but getting into it during open swim really conflicts with my work and personal schedule. Maybe this summer I can get there more when things are more flexible.

I'm doing well with diet and exercise now that I've gotten over my vacation laziness. I'm eager to see if I can get to 192 for Monday's "official" weigh in but there's still quite a bit of weekend to get through....

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