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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Second Long Run

As mentioned in yesterday's results post, I really wasn't looking forward to my long run on Saturday. I almost didn't do it - or rather I had thought about postponing it to Sunday. But I did eventually get my rear in gear and after dropping off my son at something he had to do that morning I got out to the greenway for my run. It was in the high 60's at that point with a good breeze and still pretty low humidity so the weather was fantastic.

I did the same "run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute" plan that I had worked out the previous week. I really like this plan. There was only one point where I deviated from it and ran 5 minutes and then walked 1 but that was so I could take advantage of running DOWN a hill and picking up my pace just a bit. I made up for it by only running 3 minutes for the next interval. For the last mile I only did one walking break since I knew I was very close to the end.


  1. 11:09
  2. 11:00
  3. 11:28
  4. 11:35
  5. 10:36
Total: 55:48 (compared to 58:13 last week)

Miles 3 and 4 felt harder and you can see that I did slow down a bit. And while I was still very thankful that the long run was only 5 miles I'm feeling more confident in trying to run the 10 mile race in June. If I can get this close to a 11 m/m pace right now I should be able to complete the goal pace of 12 m/m for the race (I'm adding more time since it will be much hotter and humid). It's just a matter of staying on track for my training - something I've never done before a longer race. In the past I've been very inconsistent with training before anything longer than a 10k.

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