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Friday, April 8, 2016

Up again and down again

It took a little bit to get out of vacation mode. Last weekend I didn't exercise and still ate anything and everything I wanted. My brain was in a place that convinced me that I never wanted to exercise again - even though I really do actually enjoy it.

I skipped any workouts on Monday as well but I had to meet with my trainer on Tuesday and knew that would help me break out of the lazy mind frame.

I had a sinus headache when I went to meet him and generally felt like cursing at any exercise he gave me. But it did get me out of my funk.

I left for vacation weighing in at 193.2 and at one point post vacation it had bumped up to 197 something. After getting back on track this week I'm currently at 194.2. So a one pound gain isn't too bad considering the amount of food and drink I consumed.

This week's exercises have mostly been cardio so I'm not back in full beast mode but I hope to get to Kettle Fit today which always includes weights. Wednesday was running and some core exercises. Thursday's workout was the row/run routine I found a couple weeks back and I think I found a good length for rowing (500 meters instead of 300).

So that's it for now, just wanted to pop by and verify that I have gotten back on the wagon again.

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