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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why my brain can't be trusted.

After Friday's one mile run of 8:51, I started thinking of what I needed to do to get it down to 8:45 or so. I knew I would probably need to get on the treadmill to control the speed a bit more. But for the life of me I couldn't remember the paces for the different speeds. I know a 5.0 is a 12:00 m/m and a 6.0 is a 10:00 m/m and I knew somewhere after that was the 8:34 m/m but I couldn't remember what that speed was.

So I looked it up this Monday morning as I was trying to decide on my cardio plan and was shocked to see that I was running close to a 7.0 speed on the track already:

This website/chart states that a 0% incline on a 7.0 speed is the same as a 8:56 mile on the road. While I think it's certainly debatable to call the indoor track the same as "the road" it's still fairly close.

My brain was sure I couldn't run a whole mile a 7.0 speed yet. Shut up brain.

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