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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekly Results: 5/23-29

This fish is not amused.

  • Monday: Kettle Fit and Elliptical (30 minutes)
  • Tuesday: Abs class and 3 mile speed work
  • Wednesday: 5 mile easy run (about a 11 m/m pace on the indoor track)
  • Thursday: Spin
  • Friday: Long run - 6 miles (exact pace unknown but around 11 m/m)
  • Saturday: Rest day, some walking in a crowded aquarium where like the fish above, I was also not amused
  • Sunday: Lots of walking - exceeded my 10k requirement for the FitBit
So I had posted that on Friday's run I was going to try and match my old 10K time of 1:04'ish but that didn't happen. The treadmill I picked out was a bit wonky and I had to stop and restart a couple of times. And after a certain point I just didn't care about matching the time and only focused on finishing the run. It was nice to have such a short "long run" though. Next up is a 9 mile and two weekends of 10 miles.

Bourbon Sangria and Black & Blue Flatbread
The weekend was nice except for a ridiculously crowded visit to the Georgia Aquarium. It was our first time there and I was seriously unimpressed. I enjoyed the Chattanooga Aquarium a lot more. But beyond those stupid crowds and getting my family off to the airport I enjoyed some down time with a friend. We ate, drank, got a seaweed and Icelandic moss body scrub/wrap, and walked around a lot. I came away with a happy tummy and a sunburn on my shoulders. 

On Saturday morning I hit a new low of 183.8. It was lovely to see but I knew it wouldn't last since I was just starting a three day weekend with little exercise and lots of eating/drinking out. But if I look at my official Monday to Monday (or rather Tuesday this week) I was down 1.2 pounds which is great. The other couple of pounds to get back to the 183 will come soon enough so I'm not worried about that. 

I was surprised to see on my FitBit stats that if I count the 183.8 (which I do) I've lost 9.1 pounds since April 22nd. That's pretty good for a one month total at this stage in the weight loss game. I'm also using 183.8 as my starting point for this next month worth of more intensive exercise and better food intake. Not really dieting since I have to fuel myself for the exercise but it is more strategic eating since I still want to lose weight while doing this. 

This Week

  • Monday: Lots and lots of walking plus a sunburn
  • Tuesday: Spin and Turbo Kick
  • Wednesday: Boot Camp and Zumba
  • Thursday: Boot Camp and 5 mile run
  • Friday: Kettle Fit and something else TBD
  • Saturday: 9 mile long run
  • Sunday: 5 mile interval run and swim
Greetings from Chattanooga!
I have some flexibility this month to increase my exercise so I'm really aiming for two sessions a day. Both sessions won't necessarily be high intensity but it will be an increase in the total amount of time exercising. 

Also, I won't get as many miles this week since I'm choosing a couple of different exercises - such as I'm going to Turbo Kick instead of doing speed work. But the Turbo Kick is a high intensity workout that should provide the same kind of benefits as speed work BUT be a lot more fun. The Boot Camp sessions are new and completely dependent on me waking up early enough to get to them. If I can't make myself do it then I'll replace those with other strength training exercises. I'm also using the Boot Camp classes to secretly audition a possible trainer for the fall semester. I want to sign up for the program again but want to make sure I'm getting a trainer who's right for this next stage of what I want to achieve goal wise.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Because I'm not a morning person

I have to suffer through long'ish runs on the indoor track or treadmill because it's too hot outside. Running 33 laps (5 miles) on the indoor track is really, really boring.

But I did it because the best time for me to get a run in Wednesday was between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. and it was almost 90 and humid outside at that point. I have ran outdoors in that kind of heat before but it was absolutely miserable and I only went about 2-3 miles (this was during my group training in 2011 for the late summer triathlon). I don't think it's really necessary to do that again if I have an indoor option.

Or if I was willing to get up at 5 a.m. I could have ran outside but I'm not so willing. I've been really tired in the morning recently. And for the past few longer runs I have been totally exhausted afterwards and MUST nap.

So I need to look at a few things to get past this level of tiredness:

1) Pre and post run hydration. I probably am not hydrated enough for warmer weather. I need to be more mindful of my water intake over the course the day. I get into a vicious cycle of feeling tired so I get more caffeinated drinks but then I drink less water and thus become more dehydrated and more tired and so I drink more caffeine.... Ack! Stop the madness!

2) I need to also get over fear of carbs when looking at longer runs. I do purposefully eat more carbs before and after a run but I might not be getting enough if I feel so exhausted afterwards. I don't have this same kind of exhaustion with shorter runs (4 miles or less) or other cardio/strength exercises so it's just something different that's activated with the longer runs.

3) It could be my thyroid levels. Since I no longer have a thyroid I'm completely dependent on my meds which I take faithfully. But my body is still adjusting to not having a thyroid so the amount of medication that was perfect in March may not be perfect now. I'm not scheduled to see a doctor again for lab work until early July but I can always go earlier if I think this is something to be worked on.

But so far this week the workouts have been as scheduled with even an extra mile tacked onto Tuesday's speed work. Today's 6 mile long run will also be indoors due to scheduling issues but I think I'll do it on a treadmill so I can try and maintain a specific pace - i.e. I want to see if I can match my old 10K time of 1:04. I'll put on a show and suffer through the boredom of long treadmill running while enjoying the fact that I'm not out in the miserable hot and humid weather.

While diet hasn't been perfect this week it's MUCH MUCH better than last week and my weight is holding steady at 186 even which is only .2 pounds higher than my low weight reading a couple of weeks ago. My waist is now right at 30 inches so that's fun and with the lower waist measurements my overall body fat % has also dropped a bit to 29.35%. And while my thigh measurements haven't changed much the composition has changed quite a bit. You can feel the tighter muscle now rather than just the fluff.  So while there's still work I want to accomplish I'm pretty happy with where I am right now.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Results: 5/16-5/22


  • Monday: Planned Rest - 45 minute easy walk
  • Tuesday: 30 min abs class and 1.6 miles tempo run
  • Wednesday: nothing
  • Thursday: Weight room - arms/legs/abs
  • Friday: 1 mile walk and 3 mile run, ab work and tricep dips
  • Saturday: Housework and running errands
  • Sunday: 8 miles long run at 11:16 pace

I had planned to run further on Tuesday but I ran out of time before I had to get to an event at my son's school. But the abs class was really good and not originally on my plan. Wednesday just ended up being really busy and I felt super tired all day (mostly due to allergies). I was stuck in my office and couldn't fit the run into my schedule and then fell asleep on my bed before Zumba started. I could have exercised on Saturday but we stayed pretty busy during the day and I couldn't motivate myself to do anything that evening. Some weeks are like that.

It was a bad diet week. We won't linger on that. I did end up .2 pounds lower than last week which really it's probably a miracle that I didn't gain.

This Week's Schedule:
  • Monday: Kettle Fit and elliptical
  • Tuesday: Abs class and speed work (2 miles)
  • Wednesday: 5 mile easy run and weights/arms
  • Thursday: Spin and 2 miles tempo run
  • Friday:  6 mile long run
  • Saturday: Rest - which includes a lot of tourist walking around
  • Sunday: Hotel gym workout
Getting out of town this weekend and Saturday will be too busy to fit much in. We will be walking around a lot though so at least it's active rest. I may or may not get around to a gym workout on Sunday morning but that afternoon I'll be walking around again. I'm not putting any stress on this weekend because next week will amp up on the amount of workouts I plan to do. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Son of a biscuit eater...

Got my 8 mile run in and did fairly well. Until the stupid side cramps started up again.

Like on my 7 mile run last week, I got cramps after eating the Gu Chomps - which I had about halfway through the run. So I think I'll need to rethink my fueling strategy. People seem to like Tailwind so I'll probably check that out. I just hadn't looked at it before since it seems to be marketed for longer endurance events. I only use any kind of "fuel" for when I run for longer than an hour. I could probably do without it but it does help the energy levels.

This week the cramps made me stop in my 4 minute running cycle and my pace slowed a bit with extra walking breaks at the end - I can usually push through since I know I'm so close to being done. It was frustrating but I really did try to push through as much as I could. I know I was making very scary faces as I ran.

It's actually still tender in that area a few hours later. I get a bit worried because I had bad issues with this in 2010 which halted my half training plan. It always cramps up just below my gallbladder (previous tests showed that my gallbladder and everything else for that matter were perfectly healthy). For now it's probably just breathing and digestion issues but I feel paranoid about that side in general.

I got out after 9 a.m. this morning and it was already 70 out, completely sunny, and fairly humid. So I tried to stick to the shade as much as I could. But I was happy to train in warmer weather because this race will be most like be stupid hot and humid. My handheld bottle was still enough for the whole run so I don't think I'll worry about a water belt since the race has plenty of water stops. I just had regular water on the run and Nuun in my larger bottle waiting for me for after the run.

I also went out too fast. My first two miles were 10:49 and 10:29 (mile one might have been a bit faster - I felt that my GPS went too long before it finally called out the mile pace). Next three miles slowed down to 11:12/11:25/11:45. Mile 6 must have been mostly downhill because that one was 10:53 and I ended with 11:39 and 11:50 (where I walked a bit more). All together it was a 11:16 average pace.

Next week I get a break with only a 6 mile long run (whoop!), and then it's 9 miles and two weekends of 10 miles (the 2nd being the race). I also have to decide if I want to train for our local half marathon this October. I was so happy not to race it last year but in spite of previous proclamations that "I'm not running more than 15k's anymore!" I have thought about this a little. Registration opens on June 1st. Some years it sells out within an hour or so and sometimes it takes up to a few days but it does usually sell out so you have to commit pretty quickly to it. So I go back and forth - part of me wants to train for it and beat my previous times. I know I can train to be faster but I also don't really enjoy running longer distances (miles 10-13 of a half are just awful for me). So try to prove something or pick something I enjoy more?

One reason I would pick the distance over enjoyment is that I might be able to run Ragnar Del Sol in Spring 2017 and the half training would only help in that endeavor. I still have a couple of weeks to think about it. At least I wouldn't have to keep up with long runs for the whole summer. I could cut back for a few weeks and then build back up again with a 12 week plan (would start around mid-July).  So that's what I'll be pondering for a while.

Amen to that Pinky.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Snapshots in an otherwise weird week

Work was super exciting that day - and my office was super cold.
So it hasn't been my best week - but it hasn't been my worst either. It's a combination of work stress, being busy with end of the school year stuff for the kids, and just feeling tired. Early in the week I made like three days full of bad eating decisions but I just rode that wave out and am moving on. I haven't gotten in the training runs that I needed to this week but I have done some other good exercises (like an ab class that made me so sore that I dreamt about having broken ribs on the night of the 2nd day DOMS).  But I try not to let myself feel like I've failed because it's about the bigger picture of success rather than a couple days of feeling out of it.

Getting ready in the morning with the typical morning bathroom crew - never mind that they have their own bathrooms...

Today I'm going to enjoy some BBQ and then an afternoon of exercising. Long run of 8 miles this weekend and I'm currently not even dreading it. Which is an improvement over my mood on Wednesday night:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Strawberry fields forever

We like "pick your own" farms. We've gone to the pumpkin farms of course, an apple farm in Connecticut, blueberries, and now strawberries. This has been over a month in the making. We thought it would be open around my birthday weekend (a month ago now) but the berries weren't ready yet. And then once the farm did open up we just didn't make it over there.

So this past Sunday my daughter finally insisted that we go strawberry picking. While I thought, "Darling my legs hurt and I just ran 7 miles, this sounds so delightful..."

But it was fun.

There weren't a lot of large berries as the rows were already pretty picked through but we found enough to fill a bucket to the brim - it was about 4 pounds of strawberries when all was said and done.

Then the super fun part: cleaning and storing them so they wouldn't go to waste. About a third went into the freezer, a third were put in a bowl for consumption over the next few days, and the last third became a very small jar of strawberry jam.

I googled the recipe and found one from Martha Stewart that I can no longer find the link to but it called for 2 lbs of berries, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 tbsp + 1 tsp lemon juice. I just had to guess on the measurement equivalents - I had 2 cups worth of tiny and very ripe strawberries so I figured this was probably close to 1 pound.

  • 2 cups of strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 3/4 tbsp lemon juice (approx)
Put everything in the pot and simmer for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. After 40 minutes turn the heat up and boil (they said 220 degrees but I don't have a candy thermometer to test) for about 15 minutes, stirring every minute or so. 

I ended up not needing the whole 15 minutes. It had reduced quite a bit and I was worried about it burning so I turned the heat down some and only went about 11-12 minutes total.

Two cups turned into this:
I think this is an 8 oz jar.
And it's going pretty quickly in our house so I didn't worry about sterilizing, sealing jars or anything since it's only one jar and will be eaten in less than a week. The 1/2 cup of sugar turned out to be pretty good. We don't like super sweet jam and some of those berries were very ripe.

So obviously, I'm now an expert on all things canning and food wise. Just call me the Berry Lady and give me my own Food Network show.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekly Results: May 9-15

  • Monday: Kettle Fit, 2 mile run, and 40 minute walk later that evening
  • Tuesday: Spin and 1 mile run
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run (10:45 pace) and Zumba
  • Thursday: Spin and 15 min run (about 1.5 miles)
  • Friday: Kettle Fit extreme
  • Saturday: Zumba and mowing the lawn
  • Sunday: 7 mile long run (11:08 pace)
Crept up from the 185.8 scale reading but as I'm used to hitting a low weight, floating up and back down again I'm just going with the flow. At 188 even, I am officially down 2 pounds from last Monday's weigh-in so it's all going in the right direction. 

This Week
  • Monday: Rest day - just a 30 minute easy walk after dinner
  • Tuesday: 2 mile speed work, 1 mile run, and abs
  • Wednesday: 4 miles (11 m/m pace) and Zumba 
  • Thursday: Weights and Elliptical
  • Friday: 5 mile interval run
  • Saturday: Elliptical and Ult Sculpt Video
  • Sunday: 8 mile long run
If you actually pay attention to my weekly results posts you'll see that I don't do a lot of "do nothing" rest days. I do try to at least have an easy day but still stay active. But this past week was brutal on my legs. It all ended with Kettle Fit on Friday where we had that sub again who I don't like. I went to the class though because I didn't want to be afraid of him either. I got through the class but was super worn out. My original plan was to do the class plus the elliptical but his version of Kettle Fit is pretty high intensity and there was no energy left for the elliptical. He promised us it would kill our legs and while I was super worn out I didn't really feel that...

Until I woke up on Saturday. And still even worse on Sunday. Gotta love those 2nd day D.O.M.s Holy crap they hurt. I was very worried about getting through my 7 mile run. It was the least enthusiastic I've been about getting out for a long run so far. My first mile split was all screwed up because my music didn't start playing when I started my MapMyRun app to track my mileage and speed. So I had to stop and get that going while precious seconds ticked by. After that I was anywhere between 10:48-11:40 per mile for most miles. Miles 3 and 4 I was suddenly super speedy and 5 and 6 were slow when I was battling a side cramp. I blame my intake of Gu Chomps during my mile 4 walking intervals. The cramps went away after that one mile and I sped up again for the last mile (10:22) - knowing it was the last mile must have helped. I was super impressed with my overall pace of 11:08/mile. It's faster by a couple seconds than my 6 mile run and considering how I felt pre-run I thought it was really good. The weather factored into a great time though - stayed in the 50's for the run so it was easier to run overall. I have yet to do a long, hot, run in this training.

But it's enough for me to start thinking - "Man, what if I get a sub-2 hours on this race?!" My last time was 2 hours and 2 minutes (just slightly over a 12 minute pace). I was in as good of shape for that race 2 months before hand but then because I was single parenting it for a few weeks I didn't get enough runs in, especially long runs. So now I'm thinking if I can keep up my training I might be able to do better than last time. I think my next run will be at a different location though that has more significant hills. Because this race has hills and I need to be better prepared for them.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mindy is my spirit animal

Social drinking? Check.
But we can prioritize.

We're basically Jillian Michaels
It's 25 steps and I always do a count down.
There are days when you just need a cheeseburger.
There are few cakes that I'll say no to.
People often mistake us for Gwen Stefani
And those that don't - well....
And we're very sassy.
We don't need others to validate us.
But it's so worth checking out.
We're awesome.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mid-week update

Looks like my Princess Bride battle with the scale has taken a turn in a positive direction. After showing 190 on Monday's weigh-in (thanks to my "I'll eat what I want" weekend) I've gone steadily down every day:
  • Tuesday: 189.6
  • Wednesday: 187.6
  • Thursday: 185.8
I had a feeling I would see 185 today. I've officially passed the 50 pounds lost mark. And now have a wee-bit less than 10 pounds to go until my next mini-goal (which is 176 = the lowest weight I've been as an adult). Because I know that my weight loss will go in these weird spurts I'm still not setting any kind of goal date. 

With today's weight and overall body measurements I'm also now just below 30% for body fat. 

And in non-weight related accomplishments I did an honest to goodness real mid-week run yesterday as called for on my schedule. I call them "tempo" runs but I've come to realize my definition of tempo and the actual definition do not match. For me it was defined as "the pace I hope to run in my race" but it's actually pushing yourself to go harder. Whatever...

These mid-week runs are hard to fit in. It was super hot and muggy yesterday here so I prepared myself mentally to do my four miles inside the gym. I started on the track thinking that if it got too boring I would just switch to the treadmill and at least watch something on my phone. I wasn't looking for speed but rather consistent running through the distance so I tried to keep a slower pace. I ended up being able to run/jog the whole 4 miles with no walking breaks which is quite an accomplishment for me when you look at my running struggles over this past year. Yes, the pace was slower: 10:45 avg, but even that pace is really great for me when looking at my overall progress. Maybe I will survive longer distances again.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Good. Now go fail again.

People may not realize this, but I love GoT. I've watched the series but have also read the books (which good golly, George R.R. can write some weighty tomes). This is the first year I've had HBO and can watch the series as it airs. In the past I've watched the DVD's a year (or more) later or caught up on illegal YouTube videos. I'm excited to watch this season as some parts are now past where the last book ended and some story lines are swinging differently than the book - such as there's supposed to be another beloved character who we believe to be dead but was also brought back by prophets of the Lord of Light. I'm waiting to see if the HBO show brings that character back too; though that arc would really mess up a current arc that they have set up.

Anyway, as always, I digress. I loved this scene from Sunday night's episode. Too bad if it's a spoiler for any of you.

You probably have already read the NYT's article about the metabolism changes of the Biggest Loser contestants. If not, you can find it here. I found this so fascinating because I know that my body really struggles with metabolism issues. It has often baffled me that I can work out as much as I do, I can eat the right things, and the weight just stays the same or comes off super slowly. I've already acknowledged that at this point I'm fighting my body's natural desire to maintain weight so it was interesting to read a study that confirms this (at least with a small sample size).

I view articles like this one, not as an excuse to give up and think, "my body wants to be fat so why bother" but rather as reasons to keep being active and to not beat myself up when I've done the right things but my body doesn't respond accordingly. A reminder to control the things I can and to let go of what I can't control. Such as, I can control the majority of my decisions on diet and exercise but some days hormones are uncontrollable and then it no longer becomes a matter of "will power". But if bad choices are made during those days it's not starting all over again because the other 90% of my decisions have been good ones.

We keep fighting and if we fail, we keep going and go fail again.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Results: 5/2-5/8


  • Monday: Elliptical and Ultimate Sculpt
  • Tuesday: Speed work (2 miles) and Personal Trainer
  • Wednesday: Kettle Fit, 2 mile run, and Zumba
  • Thursday: Elliptical and Spin (with a 5 minute run warm up before Spin)
  • Friday: Elliptical, Various strength training exercises, and yoga
  • Saturday: 3 mile run and 1.5 mile walk
  • Sunday: 3.65 mile walk, swimming, and yoga
Mileage: about 9 for the week
Calorie Burn: about 5000 or 714/day average

As noted in an earlier post my weight did not change at all this week. I did however, weigh in one pound heavier today (Monday) after a weekend of not tracking my food but I anticipate that it will float back down again within a couple of days so I'm not really counting that as a change. I stayed on track with diet until Saturday night when I let Mother's Day indulgences take over. It's back to normal tracking today.

This Week's Schedule
  • Monday: Kettle Fit and Speed Work (3 miles)
  • Tuesday: Spin and abs/arm work
  • Wednesday: 4.5 mile interval run and Zumba
  • Thursday: Spin and abs/arm work
  • Friday: Kettle Fit and 4.5 mile easy intervals
  • Saturday: Elliptical and Yoga
  • Sunday: 7 mile long run
This may be adjusted some as the week goes by. I have to switch up my long run days for a couple of weeks because of my husband's teaching schedule for this summer session. And I don't really want to do any back-to-back running days because my legs are beginning to feel it more as I ramp up the distances.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

What I ate this weekend...

Oops I mean, what I did this weekend.

I ate a lot this weekend.

Among other things.

It's been a nice Mother's Day weekend. I get to play the Mother's Day trump card whenever I want to do something, "I need this Mint Julep - it's Mother's Day weekend" or to get the kids to stop behaving like crazy wild animals, "Really children? You're going to make me yell at you on Mother's Day?"

Mom guilt is the best.

I started my weekend off right by taking a half day off from work on Friday. The rec center was closed so I spent the afternoon getting a work out done at home: 40 min on the elliptical, some various strength training exercises, and yoga. I got to watch some of my shows while doing this. All together, far more entertaining than suffering through a slow day in the office.

That night my daughter and I headed out to an ice skating rink for a Girl Scout event. It's been about 11 years since I've put on ice skates and it was her first time to try.

I didn't fall - whoop!

I splurged on some yummy Oreo cake at her party/event. I figured the work out from the skating would equal it out. ;)

Saturday morning I met up with my coworker to participate in our local running store's Mother's Day Fun Run. It was a 3 mile walk or run followed by mimosas and muffins. Since my training plan called for a 5k run at race pace instead of a long run this worked out perfectly. I knew I'd be going faster than race pace (since my plans for the 10 mile are to take it easy) so I used this run to see how my 5k time has improved. The first mile was much faster than I planned because I was catching up to the group that was running. I didn't realize they were going at a 8:30 pace or so. I hit the first mile in less than 9 minutes and knew I needed to slow down or would die.

My finish time was 29:15. The last mile was difficult. I could have probably pushed it a bit more if it was an actual 5k race but it certainly wasn't comfortable either. But getting under 30 minutes is such a drastic improvement from my last 5k time. Yay strength training and weight loss!!

And even though muffins and scones are not in my regular diet anymore I also don't want to treat these things as evil on special occasions. So it was fun to splurge a bit.

The scones were super yummy.

Running life: handheld water bottle and a champagne glass along side compression socks.

That evening we relaxed with mint juleps (it was Derby day after all) and lamb kebobs and a slow walk around the neighborhood to finish up the 10,000 steps required of me by my FitBit.

Sunday morning dawned and became the perfect example of Motherhood with children trying so hard to make me breakfast but they couldn't figure out the oven and daddy wasn't helping by getting out of bed. It was 6:30 after all.... So I helped them get things started, later intervened when they managed to get a grumpy and confused daddy up and still couldn't figure out the oven, and then helped them at the end remember that plates would probably help if we were going to eat breakfast. God bless em.

Then another nice walk around the neighborhood while the kids joined me for part of the time on their bikes.

It was good to see my son back on the saddle again after his accident and concussion. He's still dealing with headaches and such but we didn't want him to be too afraid to keep riding.

We had lunch at our family favorite Mexican place and I get the afternoon to go work out some more. I plan to hit the pool finally (I really hope it's open - there seems to be a curse set upon me which prevents me from getting any pool time in my schedule).

So I'm totally not counting calories or macros this weekend but I'm still getting plenty of exercise. Tomorrow it's back to tracking everything and wondering why the scale refuses to budge. Today is just for enjoying the good life.

Friday, May 6, 2016

You keep using that word...

No, it's the tale of my scale woes.

I stepped on the scale Monday morning: 189.0

Tuesday morning: 189.0

Wednesday morning: 189.0

Thursday morning: 189.0

Friday morning: 189.0. Shook the damn thing and checked the batteries.

Seriously, the exact same reading every freakin' day. Not even an ounce difference. I've been completely on track this week exercise and diet wise.

If this happens again tomorrow morning I'll engage in a battle of wits:

And so back to the long haul rather than rapid losses.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Closet Issues

So many shelves! At really weird heights...
I have a clothing problem. Inside my beautiful, spacious closet I have a lot of clothes. It's not that I'm a fashionista. Far, far from it. Some pieces are 20 years old (because I really like that Kathy Lee dress from Walmart that I bought in 1996 - and it's a dress that someone compliments every single time I wear it - ha!), some outfits should be tossed but I keep them out of laziness or sentimental reasons.

But the common factor you'll find as you browse through my racks of clothing is that I keep a variety of sizes available. I have everything from size 10 to 16 in my closet right now. Once, a while ago, I even had size 18's and one pair of size 20 jeans but I did purge those sizes in my previous lower weight phases.  Back in 2010 when I was around the weight I am right now I went through, bagged up, and Goodwill'd pretty much everything that was size 16 or higher - probably some 14's too. Later however, I was pretty pissed that I lost so much clothing when I got back up into the 14's and 16's. It didn't help motivate me to get back on track.

By 2013 or so, when I was solidly in the 16's again, I got tired of being so limited with my clothing choices that I bought a few comfortable items that were suitable for work (this was my J Jill comfy clothes stage). In late summer of 2014 when I went back to work and had lost enough weight to be in 14's I bought another slew of more professional (i.e. less comfortable) work items. Then last summer (before I started losing weight) I bought a few more things because those 14's were way too tight again - this was my palazzo pants stage (and I still love my palazzo pants, they're just too baggy for me now for social things but they make great house pants).

I still had a lot of size 12's from my purchases from 2009-2011 and I even had a few items in size 10's from my brief few weeks in the summer of 2010 when I could fit into them. A lot of these things had been packed away in boxes; I held onto the nicer items with the hopes that one day I could fit into them. When we bought our current house and I had so much space in the closet, I unpacked those old boxes and added them to my collection of clothes - I just shoved them to the back corners of the closet since I knew I wouldn't be accessing them much. I have purged some things that are in styles that I no longer like or are obviously out of style. Style isn't much of an issue with me as I'm not all that stylish to begin with and usually buy things that are pretty standard across the years.

So now, being at the lower end of my weight pendulum, I have a lot of clothes that are too big for me. An excellent problem to have except that I'm not ready to go buy clothes because I'm still in that in-between stage. I've started to fit into the old size 10's that I had in the back corners of my closet but most of the 12's fit just fine as well. I only have two pairs of work slacks that fit nicely however so I'm wearing a lot of skirts these days.

I'll go through and probably pack up everything size 14 and higher but I won't be getting rid of it this time. While I'm fully committed to not gaining the weight back I also know that shit happens and weight comes back sometimes. So I'll pack it away but I won't be starting at square one if the worst happens.

While I'm not ready to buy a new wardrobe quite yet (still hopeful) this past weekend I had a couple of hours to kill so I did some clothes browsing. I only selected size 10's, or mediums, to bring into the fitting room with me and I was able to fit into every outfit that I brought with me.

This was a big mental hurdle for me. There were some items that I held up to myself and thought, "no this will be way too tight." And yet it actually did fit. Though to be frank, not all outfits fit so that they flattered me. I bought a couple of items but I'm still waiting to see where I end up size wise before adding more to my wardrobe. But the experience was fun and it gave me enough courage to do something I have never done before - not once in my entire teen and adult life.

Wednesday is on to something here...
I tried on a bikini. Yep, I've never even tried one on before let alone own one. My parents wouldn't have let me wear a bikini as a kid/teen and I was already a size 13 by 8th grade and a 16-18 through most of high school so I wasn't comfortable wearing one anyway - I was solidly in the "wear a t-shirt over the one piece" camp of swimwear.

I knew I wasn't going to buy a bikini. Even if I thought I looked good in one I don't think I would be comfortable exposing that much skin (I guess I eventually inherited my parent's sense of modesty).  But the bigger reason that I've never even tried one on was because in my head I felt my boobs were too small and my stomach, hips, and thighs were too big. However, I do applaud the women who proudly wear bikinis at any size - I just don't have that mindset for myself.

But at this point I also knew that if I didn't at least try one on at my lowest size thus far I would be so pissed at myself later on if I gained weight back that I didn't fully enjoy being a size 10 and exploring the wider array of clothing choices that were available.

And so I jumped that hurdle and spent time finding things that were good about the bikini. I'm still not sold that it's the right choice for me. I would need something with a higher waist to help the continuing muffin top but I also don't like some of the newer super high waist options - if it looks like the super model is wearing granny panties what will I look like in it? ;) So one day if I found a good pair of mid-waist bottoms and a top that flattered my lovely shoulders and accentuated my B cups so they distracted you enough from my pear shaped waist and bottom then I might consider it some more. But then again, maybe not...

Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Results: 4/25-5/1


  • Monday - Kettle Fit & Elliptical
  • Tuesday - Personal Trainer and Speed work (2 miles)
  • Wednesday - 2 mile tempo run and Zumba
  • Thursday - Run/Row (2.5 miles)
  • Friday - Elliptical and Ab work
  • Saturday - 6 mile long run (11:10 pace)
  • Sunday - Rest day with a lot of yard work
Total Miles: 12.5 for the week and 57.1 for the month
Total Estimated Calories Burned: 4814, Avg per day = 688

This was the last week of classes at my university and between meetings, events, and other random life interruptions I didn't quite get my normal workouts with the classes I like to do. I originally planned for an interval run on Sunday but my stomach was not happy after my long run on Saturday. I'm not sure if it was issues from the running and drinking Nuun or just a tummy bug (which is going around the kids' schools). I could have stayed close to home or have done a different workout inside my house but instead I thought that an actual rest day would be the most beneficial. And I still hit almost 13,000 steps according to my FitBit so I think the word "rest" is debatable.

I've already posted about this but it was a good week for weight loss. I didn't lose anything beyond the 188.8. I might have gotten to 188.0 even but the next day it was back to 188.8 and still there this morning. But that's a 3 pound loss for the week so I'm quite pleased. I did pretty good with my macros (goal was 40/30/30), my weekly average was Carbs = 42%, Fat = 30%, and Protein = 28%. My carbs went up (to get to the 42% instead of 40) over the weekend when I thought, "Heck I've already lost 3 pounds and ran 6 miles today surely I can go ahead and have some low fat, no added sugar ice cream." And so I did.

This Week's Schedule:
  • Monday: Elliptical and Ult Sculpt DVD
  • Tuesday: Personal Trainer and Speed Work (last session with this semester's trainer)
  • Wednesday: Kettle Fit and Zumba (maybe some running if I have time)
  • Thursday: easy 2 mile run and spin
  • Friday: Elliptical and Ult Sculpt DVD
  • Saturday: 3 mile fun run (aiming for a 10 m/m pace)
  • Sunday: 4.5 mile interval run
The training plan calls for a 5k run at race pace rather than a long run this week and our local running store is having a 3 mile fun run with mimosas at the end to celebrate Mother's Day. So that works out really well.